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Muscle pains (myalgias) are a common symptom of many pathological and non-pathological conditions . Literally, myalgia (from the Greek "myos", muscle, and "algia", pain) corresponds to any form of muscle pain .

They can occur alone or appear in association with other painful or not painful manifestations such as, for example, asthenia, headache, fever, etc. They can affect both genders and all age groups, although they are more common in adults and older people.

Often the causes are to be found in excessive physical exertion. In fact, in most cases it is a transitory condition, linked to states of muscle fatigue mostly due to too intense or prolonged physical activity (or in any case not compatible with the individual training level), or to excessive efforts (especially if carried out to "cold muscles" or abruptly), or to traumas that occur during sports, such as strains and tears .

In these cases, a plant extract of Boswellia (plants with natural analgesic properties) or magnesium, taken orally or topically, can be an ally to relieve the painful manifestation.

Magnesium and Potassium are useful for preventing and fighting cramps and in cases of intense sport.

To tone and make the muscles more elastic , especially in case of soreness, you can use the Magnesium Dermal Spray , massaging it until completely absorbed on the affected area.

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