Having problems concentrating basically means not being able to focus attention on what we want, because we are tired, stressed or distracted by disturbing elements. In times when it is necessary to focus all our mental energies on something, this can often be an impediment.

Nature offers several solutions to this problem: there are in fact several products, based on vitamins and mineral salts (specifically Magnesium , Phosphorus and Vitamins of group B ), which can promote nerve transmission in the brain.

Furthermore, various plant extracts such as Blueberry , Ginko , Eleuterocco , and Rhodiola contain active ingredients that are able to improve the microcirculation in this area, thus also favoring the chemical transmission processes. The effects of these preparations translate into a greater ability to concentrate , a greater threshold of attention and better lucidity , accompanied by a reduction in mental fatigue .

Even the Lemon essential oil has a relaxing action and therefore promotes concentration .


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