Vitamina C: 7 motivi +1 per assumerla Ecosalute

Vitamin C: 7 +1 reasons to take it

Vitamin C , also known as ascorbic acid , is a fundamental molecule for the body. It is a water-soluble vitamin used initially to prevent scurvy.

    But what is it for?

    1. Help against stress and fatigue

    It intervenes in the production of norepinephrine , a molecule involved in the response to both emotional and physical stressful situations.

    Furthermore, thanks to its action on the functioning of the adrenal glands responsible for the production of adrenaline , it is useful in case of fatigue .

    1. Important for collagen synthesis

    Collagen is a fundamental protein for the constitution of the skin , cartilage and tendons . It is also important for the healing of wounds and burns by facilitating the formation of connective tissue.

    1. Improves the absorption of folic acid and iron

    Ascorbic acid makes folic acid usable for our body. When folic acid is taken through the diet it is inactive and needs to undergo changes in order to function .

    It also allows a better absorption of iron , transforming it from ferric to ferrous, that is the most assimilable form of the body.

    This is why vitamin C supplements are recommended when taking iron supplements.

    1. Formation of bile acids

    Bile acids are important for the metabolism of fats as they help digest the lipids introduced with food, reducing them into simpler substances.

    1. Improve respiratory symptoms

    Histamine is a molecule that is released by the body in cases of allergic reaction , vitamin C is able to inhibit the release of this molecule thus helping to reduce the symptoms of asthma .

    1. Antioxidant

    Peculiarity of Vitamin C which helps to counteract the action of free radicals , responsible for cellular aging , DNA damage and the development of various pathologies.

    1. Ally of the immune system

    It strengthens the immune system as it promotes the synthesis of molecules involved in immunological processes .

    And in cosmetics?

    Vitamin C is involved in the formation of the skin barrier and collagen carrying out an antioxidant action .

    The skin of the face requires large quantities of vitamin C to reduce the production of melanin, reducing skin spots , counteracting the oxidative stress caused by UV rays and guaranteeing the skin's compactness and well -being.

    Used in cosmetics for:

    • Counteract the loss of skin tone
    • Prevent and reduce wrinkles
    • Maintain a proper level of hydration
    • Stimulate cell renewal