Must have per l'autunno Ecosalute

Must have for autumn

The immune system allows us to defend ourselves against infections and diseases . It is a very complex system that must be able to model itself and respond to different stimuli , then produce: white blood cells, lymphocytes, etc.

Vitamin C has a direct action on various cells of the immune system . For example, it increases phagocytes which are cells capable of incorporating pathogens and producing enzymes that lead to their degradation.

Why take it with supplements?

Vitamin C is found in many products such as spinach, grapefruit, kiwi, oranges, peppers and lemons. Cooking and handling these products reduces their content, especially when exposed to air for long periods.

Furthermore, being water-soluble, it does not accumulate in the body and is eliminated in the urine . This is why it is essential to introduce it regularly through diet and, sometimes, with supplements .

The minimum daily amount of vitamin C that should be taken to prevent scurvy is about 10 mg, while the average requirement is 75 mg for men and about 60 mg for women.

Especially for certain times of the year, it is important to increase the doses of this vitamin to protect and help the body react.

 C Vitality Plus

Chewable Vitamin C

Based on Vitamin C , Camu Camu and Rosa Canina , it provides 1g of Vitamin C. Useful to cope with fatigue and stress and to protect the immune system

Also suitable for the little ones.

Based on Vitamin C and Grapefruit Seed Extract which contribute to the protection of cells from oxidative stress and with Camu Camu which supports the natural defenses .

Natural Vitamin C

Ascorbic acid powder

Vitamin C extracted from Acerola and Rosa Canina , supports the immune system and helps the body to draw energy from food by contributing to cell metabolism .

Ideal for those who have difficulty in using the tablets.

Half a teaspoon dissolved in water helps reduce tiredness and fatigue , supporting the immune system .

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