The eye contour serum is a product formulated for the most delicate and sensitive area of ​​the face such as the periorbital area.

It is a product designed for both more mature and younger skin, useful for:

  • Prevent the signs of aging
  • Thoroughly moisturize the area
  • Illuminate the look
  • Sand the area

The Pomegranate Eye Contour Serum performs a filling and recompacting action thanks to the moisturizing active ingredients designed to counteract skin aging.

The product with a gelatinous texture to allow better absorption , is deliberately fragrance-free to safeguard the well-being of the area and preserve its delicacy .


The Eye Contour Serum can be used to make moisturizing and healing masks.

After taking a cotton pad (there are many types on the market, if possible it is better to prefer reusable pads) cut it in half to form two semi-circles.

Soak the two discs with a good dose of Serum and apply them under the eyes, keep them in place for about 15 minutes.

At the end of the exposure time, allow the excess product to be absorbed by massaging the area.

During the shutter speed you only have to do one thing: relax! A good hot tea and sweet background music and that's it!


The main ingredients present in the formulation are:


Rich in anthocyanins and Vitamin C and A, it allows to maintain tissue toxicity. The presence of punicic and ellagic acid carries out a moisturizing action on the epidermis and promotes the synthesis of elastin, essential for keeping it firm and compact.


An organic acid that retains moisture, carrying out its action on two different skin levels: in depth it restores volume to the skin, plumping it, while the surface layer is softer and more elastic . The result is skin with a healthier, younger and more compact appearance.


It improves skin hydration and the ability to look healthy by carrying out an antioxidant action.

Several studies have shown that it helps compensate for the oxidative damage triggered by exposure to UVB light. In addition, it is a source of carrageenan, a compound essential for the skin barrier.

A study conducted on subjects between 30-66 years with marked bags under the eyes, showed how the action of Red Algae , associated with a correct massage of the area, decreases the swelling .

The famous bags result from a flow of water from the blood vessels and from the accumulation of fat in this area.

The action of Polysiphonia brodiei , commonly called Red Algae, consists in producing a lipase enzyme and an osmoregulator. Lipase (called HSL) is an enzyme that breaks down fat molecules and disintegrates them.

The osmoregulators , on the other hand, allow to maintain the water and electrolyte balance by reducing the swelling of the area.