Brittle nails that break easily?

Brittle nails that flake easily, in addition to being a cosmetic problem, can be symptoms of underlying diseases or vitamin deficiencies.

Nails are composed of keratin, (a widely used protein which is the main constituent of hair, hair and nails), various trace elements (calcium, iron, copper, zinc, etc.) and vitamins (vitamin A, vitamin B6, biotin , vitamin C and vitamin E).

The moment you have a deficiency here is that the nails flake off. Unfortunately, this is not the only cause, as other factors play an important role.

  1. Anemia due to iron deficiency. But also the lack of calcium, zinc, vitamin B6 and B5, vitamin A can be determining factors, not to mention thyroid problems or lack of daily hydration.
  2. Nutrition also plays an important role. Here are the allied foods of the nails: garlic, onion, cauliflower, broccoli, cereals, chicken skin, shellfish, dairy products, legumes, liver, peas and beans, egg yolk, wheat germ, brown rice, fish and eggs. Without the nutrients contained in these foods, nails weaken and flake off.
  3. One of the common causes of nail flaking is the use of harsh household cleaners; it is for this reason that you must never forget to wear gloves. In addition, enamels, reconstruction gels and solvents that are too acidic can attack the nail and weaken it.

Very often zinc deficiency is one of the frequent causes of weakening of the nails. It is often referred to as the mineral of beauty (although not a vitamin) because its deficiency causes undesirable effects on hair, skin and nails. It is the second mineral present in our body by quantity.

The foods with the highest zinc content are oysters and shellfish in general, cereals, wheat germ, calf liver, cheese (such as grana and cow's milk ricotta), meat of bovine, ovine and pork origin, dried mushrooms, cocoa, walnuts, pine nuts, dried beans and egg yolk.
However, keep in mind that only 20-30% of the zinc present in food is absorbed by the body.

Integrating it is therefore essential:

Zinc Gluconate acts on the immune system. It is able to improve the physiological defenses against viruses and diseases.

  • In men, it keeps the male reproductive system healthy. It can help prevent prostate infection and inflammation.
  • In women it acts on the production of hormones, counteracts amenorrhea, premenstrual and climacteric syndrome and increases sexual desire.
  • Helps maintain healthy skin, nails and hair. The integrity of the skin depends on zinc, which must be present in sufficient quantity to guarantee protein synthesis and collagen production to avoid loss of elasticity and the formation of stretch marks.

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