The goal of a good purification is to cleanse the body of waste and toxins. In this way the body will benefit both physically and mentally and the immune system will reactivate accordingly.

The best season is spring to detoxify, purify and de-acidify the body, after the cold season and to prepare for the summer.

We are in a difficult time in this respect, because they are subjected to a considerable load of stress. This has a negative impact on our body. Purification plays a fundamental role in this regard, improving the immune system and reducing stress and heaviness.

The Clark Balanced Mix is ​​the natural solution that allows you to carry out a complete purification to detoxify the intestine, fight intestinal parasites and strengthen the immune system.

The medicinal compound is composed following the formulation of Dr. Clark, the plant extracts contained within it are:

GREEN WALNUT HULL: contains various active molecules to exert a purifying, antiparasitic, antifungal, lymphatic drainage and immune system stimulation action.

ARTEMISIA: it is included in the detoxification protocols, against chronic poisoning, intestinal parasites and skin and anal itching.

CLOUD NAILS: have remarkable bacterial, antiseptic, highly disinfectant effects, excellent against intestinal fermentation and poisoning, against intestinal parasites and skin fungi.

In addition to Dr. Clark's three herbs, MiX is ENHANCED with:

BURDOCK: promotes the elimination of toxins that are put into circulation by the antiparasitic activity.

ALOE FEROX: promotes the elimination of parasites quickly.

OLIVE LEAVES: has antioxidant, diuretic, purifying and hepato-stimulating properties. It also has a useful general detoxifying action, especially as regards the excess of uric acids, fats and blood sugars.

Until 6 April on offer at 18.40 instead of 23.00 euros.