Did you know that the our intestine is populated by more than 500 species of bacteria that make up our intestinal flora?

Probiotics are live bacteria that help repopulate the intestinal bacterial flora: they are taken when an imbalance occurs with a consequent state of dysbiosis.

When the bacterial flora is altered due to bad habits, stress, drugs or improper nutrition, probiotics become indispensable to help the intestine perform its function of transforming food and assimilating nutrients.

  • Probiotics (live bacteria) need proper nourishment to live and proliferate: the nourishment of probiotics are prebiotics.
  • Prebiotics are found in the form of supplements but are mostly found in high-fiber foods in the form of inulin. Dried fruit is rich in prebiotics, especially nuts, or oats, legumes, garlic and asparagus.

A correct dietary lifestyle allows our intestines to live healthily: too much meat and refined foods cause continuous damage and disturbances.

FLORAVITA PLUS is the mixture of pre and probiotics that restores balance in the intestinal bacterial flora and nourishes it in depth.

Its capsule is gastro-resistant, lactose-free, 4.2 billion live enzymes guaranteed until the expiration date, genetic mapping filed with the ministry of health.

Floravita has an exclusively vegetable derivation that guarantees the right amount of Prebiotics and Probiotics supported in the intestine by Vitamins B1, B6, Riboflavin.

Floravita is invaluable in case of:

  • Altered balance of bacterial flora, taking antibiotics or drugs, even for short periods, food intolerances, intestinal imbalances such as constipation or diarrhea, fungal forms such as intestinal or genital candidiasis.

INTESTINAL WELLNESS - especially useful for those suffering from chronic constipation.

Based on Papaya, Lemon Balm, Pineapple, Intestinal Wellness acts favorably on digestive function and on the regularity of the intestinal tract. Enhanced with Malpighia with a high content of Vitamin C , useful for the immune system.

Intestinal well-being can also be useful in case of:

  • Sense of heaviness
  • abdominal bloating
  • Digestive difficulties

What are the properties of the ingredients in intestinal wellbeing?

  • Papaya : it is a fruit with a soft and juicy pulp, with a sweet and aromatic taste, rich in properties important for the intestine, counteracting abdominal swelling
  • Guar : natural thickener (powder obtained by grinding the seeds of guar Cyamopsis tetragonoloba) that softens the stools favoring their expulsion

  • Lemon balm : counteracts flatulence thanks to its carminative properties, it manages to eliminate intestinal gas

  • Pineapple : precious for its digestive and draining properties, it helps to counteract constipation and intestinal irregularity. Promotes evacuation without weakening the intestinal muscles responsible for peristalsis.

  • Aloe : has laxative properties and is an ally of the digestive system. It stimulates the bacterial flora and helps improve the absorption of nutrients (but not harmful elements). Promotes increased contractions and peristalsis, helps reduce transit time and increase stool volume.
  • Malpighia punicifolia : is a shrub whose fruit, similar to a cherry, has a high content of Vitamin C, useful for the immune system for its antioxidant action.

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