With the arrival of summer comes the desire to train outdoors.

Physical activity, it is well known, is good for body and mind. In fact, it is also good for the Spirit and promotes a good mood.

Well-balanced physical activity is the foundation of a healthy life.

The benefits are numerous:

  • Increases muscle strength and range of joint motility .
  • Improves heart performance and respiratory function .
  • Decreases total cholesterol levels.
  • It increases the level of endorphins, chemicals produced in the brain that reduce pain and induce a sense of well-being.


The watchwords are: listen to your body!

Perform exercises and training with moderation, adequacy, consistency and variability.

Other useful tips are:

  • Do cold stretches : Pre-workout warm-up should be done with stretching because training with unheated muscles is not recommended. It consists of about five minutes of light cardio work or 10 minutes of milder exercise.
  • Hydrate: Preventing dehydration is a must.
  • Eat something light before training to avoid burning muscles and not fat with training.
  • Follow a studied, structured and planned workout .


Physical activity is good but you have to know how to manage everything that involves.

It should be borne in mind that excessive sweating during training can lead to a loss of precious minerals . In this case it is good to replenish them both with a balanced diet and with a supplement rich in minerals such as potassium , magnesium and calcium , such as the Plurimo at 20% discount.

Physical activity and intense muscle training can lead to an acidification of the organism. An alkalizing supplement, such as Alkavita basic combined with an alkaline diet is ideal for this type of activity. Alkaline foods to be preferred are: fruit, vegetables and legumes. Alkavita basic at 50% discount.

Amino acids such as Taurine, L-arginine and citrulline help the body metabolize fats and find the right energy . They are powerful antioxidants and arginine in particular is transformed by the body into nitric oxide which has the task of increasing blood flow and allowing the elimination of waste substances. This allows for greater muscle performance and increases the ability to burn fat. Taurine, L-arginine and citrulline are contained in Nitrocs , for only 14.00 euros.