Eleutherococcus ( Eleutherococcus senticosus ) is a plant belonging to the Arialiaceae family. It is a tonic-adaptogenic plant of Siberian origin and for this reason it is commonly called Siberian ginseng.


It was discovered in the 1940s by the scholar Brekham, who began a series of searches for an alternative to the ginseng plant ( Panax Ginseng ). He discovered that Eleutherococcus offered many of the benefits of the plant of the most famous Ginseng and from there subsequent studies began, both by Soviet scientists and by Chinese scientists who showed that Eleutherococcus does not represent its surrogate but rather a plant with peculiar properties and also superior.

Russian athletes used it to improve performance during the Olympics, the famous ones in Moscow, and astronauts used it for greater resistance to long periods of stay in space.


The main chemical components responsible for its properties are Eleutherosides (triterpene saponins): A, B, B1, C, D, E, Coumarins and Polysaccharides.

Eleutherosides bind to steroid hormones, stimulating the adrenocortical function in case of adrenal hypo, the symptoms of which are: fatigue, stress and low energy.

The phytocomplex, together with the active ingredients, is able to stimulate the metabolism and balance energy.


It is traditionally used for its action to improve energy efficiency during periods of particular physical fatigue and as an anti-fatigue.

For this it is ideal:

  • to recover strength after convalescence
  • strengthen the immune system, increase the number of T lymphocytes (protect against attack by viruses and bacteria) and NK cells.
  • to increase the capacity for physical exertion

It can relieve symptoms associated with stress , which can manifest itself as a feeling of general malaise, fever, chills, sore throat , muscle or joint pain, headache. In particular, it is called "Women's Ginseng", because the type of active ingredients, contained in it with tonic properties, are more suitable for the female body. In this case it acts on typically female anxiety, rebalancing the body-mind balance.

In addition to its action on energy metabolism, concentration and stress , it also has an aphrodisiac action. Specifically, it has an action on the hormonal system, rebalancing the adrenal and sexual glands: it increases libido and improves blood circulation .


It is usually available in the form of dry extract or officinal powder and tincture. It is often found associated with other plants with the same adaptogenic action, such as Maca and Ginkgo biloba for a positive action on concentration . It is also possible to find the infusion obtained from the dried roots, which immediately gives an energy charge.