One sheep, two sheep, three sheep ... and after 1 hour (and some catastrophic thought between one sheep and another) you came to count about a thousand.

Bad rest is very common, especially it seems to be in the last few months.

The causes are different, but there are some tips that can be considered in order to get a good sleep .

1. Find your own routine

If you can, set a time to go to sleep in the evening. The body follows a cycle called the circadian rhythm through which it uses and asks for energy during the day and then prepares for a good sleep when the light is reduced. Going to sleep at the same time every day (more or less eh, we're not that precise) will allow the body to rest better.

2. Right environment

During the night avoid light sources , if you can, however, let in a very small amount of light from the outside, this will allow you to wake up gradually and not immediately have the impact of strong light as soon as you open your bedroom door .

The temperature is also essential to create the right comfort, a temperature range between 16 and 19 degrees is generally recommended.

3. Avoid eating and going to bed right away

We know that at times, maintaining a routine and timed schedule becomes a bit difficult. Having dinner and going to bed immediately, however, can be a real cause of a bad rest, as digestion activates the metabolism not allowing you to sleep peacefully.

4. No stimuli

Before going to bed, avoid any kind of distraction that can stimulate the celebrating activity , such as telephone or television.

If you are a smoker, even the classic cigarette before going to sleep is extremely harmful because the nicotine inside is a stimulating substance .

5. Relax

When it is difficult to fall asleep, the head begins to travel that not even Dante Alighieri did.

Thoughts start to get stuck and get bigger and bigger until they almost crush you .

Before going to bed, try to clear your mind and take some time for yourself, to relax and enjoy the right rest.

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