MORFEO: are you gone?

It will be the change of the hour or the arrival of spring but it is very common, especially in the last few weeks, to have difficulty falling asleep .
So you turn and turn in bed looking for a more comfortable position, your head starts to think and at night you know, every thought has a different weight.
And at a certain point even the sheep that jump over the fence end, so what do you do ?

What are the consequences of a bad sleep?

Not sleeping well at night, especially if in the long run, causes many problems such as chronic fatigue , difficulty in concentrating and paying attention , as well as a bad mood .
And now the question arises ... how many hours do you need to sleep?
It depends, on average 7 or 8 hours are enough, for some even 10 and for others even 5 hours.

The causes

The causes of a bad rest are different, in addition to the insomnia, there are particular conditions that do not allow a long and deep sleep such as: depression , anxiety or stress .

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Some behavioral habits such as alcohol and caffeine consumption or spending a lot of time in bed seem to negatively affect sleep quality.

An excellent remedy: magnesium

Magnesium can be considered Morpheus' right arm.

In fact, this mineral performs an important function on the nervous system , promoting the relaxation of the nerves and muscles .

It is essential for the proper functioning of the organism , it is in fact magnesium that is used first in cases of physical or psychological stress , and what if it is a lack of Magnesium that does not allow you to sleep well?

To sleep peacefully we recommend taking Alkavita Mag , a supplement consisting of 120 tablets extremely useful for cases of stress , muscle cramps , hypertension and lack of energy .
Alkavita Mag is composed of Magnesium Chloride , chosen for its exceptional assimilability, and vitamin B6 .
To facilitate the assimilation and function of Magnesium Chloride it is recommended to take Alkavita Calcium Mix in synergy, the presence of Calcium inside, in fact, enhances the effectiveness of magnesium.


In the GOLDEN DREAMS package you will find everything you need to combat stress during the day and relax your nerves at night.

The package contains:

  • 1 pack of Alkavita Mag
  • 1 pack of Antistress complex

How to take them:

We recommend taking 40 drops of Antistress Complex in the morning and two tablets of Alkavita Mag before going to bed in the evening, for a deep and peaceful sleep.

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