SUPER NOVITÀ: nuovo packaging in arrivo! Ecosalute

SUPER NEW: new packaging coming soon!

From today you can have the very first Ecosalute supplement with the new amber glass bottle.

Why this choice?

Spirutonic is the forerunner of a change that will take place on all supplements that are currently protected by recyclable white PET bottles, a plastic material that has been used for years by the pharmaceutical and food industries for its practicality, lightness and safety . But times are changing and now the commitment of all of us is to safeguard the planet, as well as take care of you.

For this reason we have also decided to do our part both by joining the Treedom project thanks to which we have been able to plant new trees for years, and by improving our products.

It took some time to understand which solution would be the most suitable to: satisfy consumer needs, the environment and guarantee product quality.

This was an important and fundamental step to be consistent with our values ​​and principles .

And right now, on the occasion of our 25th birthday , we want to announce this change of look. We have chosen more eco-sustainable and elegant packaging.

In recent years our main objective has been to reduce the use of plastic as much as possible. In fact, in the latest lines launched we have chosen to use alternatives . For example, for the Cosmetic Line we opted for the glass and the plastic obtained from renewable sources. Glass was also the protagonist for the creation of the Diecosal Line .

And today we finally announce the new amber glass packaging.

In addition to the important environmental impact resulting from this change, it becomes essential to find a material capable of maintaining the natural quality of the active ingredients present unchanged.

From now on Ecosalute bottles will be made of glass with aluminum cap and opaque label.

By opening the aluminum cap you will find a safety seal which guarantees the inviolability of the product ensuring greater safety and quality .

The glass chosen is dark glass, a resistant material capable of protecting every single active ingredient inside it from changes in temperature , light and humidity , as in all the highest pharmaceutical quality standards.

The solid-color opaque labels release intense and elegant colors.

The protagonist color of each label identifies the Line to which it belongs, Spirutonic in fact belongs to the "Algae" Line characterized by a deep petrol green just like the depths of the sea.

Ideas for reusing it

Once you have finished taking the supplement, with a little imagination, you can reuse the bottle in different ways to decorate your home, pantry or desk.

Here are some ideas:

  • Spice rack : it can become a container for your favorite spices such as Turmeric powder ;
  • Plant pot: add a few sprigs of your favorite aromatic herb or a succulent plant;
  • Pen holder : alternative and elegant on your desk it will be a success;
  • Air fresheners : create a mixture with your essential oils and add wooden toothpicks to release an intoxicating scent.
  • Container for crunchy snacks : easy to carry in your handbag, you can use it to carry some dried fruit to the office, during your walks or wherever you want;
  • Button holder: space-saving and convenient, it can hold small objects .

We are proud and proud of this important step forward, but we are even more proud to celebrate it with you, in this very important year for us, together we can really make a difference ... and now you can't wait to receive it!