Michele Baggio , life coach, writes about his reflections on the importance and awareness of motivation.

I have always thought that motivation is essentially that factor that sets us in motion to achieve a goal we have set for ourselves .

A very linear concept, perhaps simplified to the nth degree.

There would be many reflections on this topic; starting from the awareness of motivation: are we internally motivated or is the motivational lever external to our being ?

Do we need to find constant external motivations for everything? Do we need to “force” motivation with everything? Do we delegate an aspect that could be personal to others?

But the question I ask myself more and more often is this:

“What if we weren't physiologically ready for motivation?”

This question arises from a reflection linked above all to the world of sport , where the lack of a result or growth is increasingly linked to a motivational factor and nothing else.

As if motivation were the panacea for all ills!

But what if an organism is in such a high state of stress that it cannot manage the physiological reactions that the constant search for motivation brings?

If the "result", in sport as in life, was a sum of variables and was not just traced back to a motivational problem, how would it be explained?

More often than not, speeches linked to " will is power ", " if you work hard you will surely achieve your goals ", do not take into account that we also have a body , an organism made up of actions, reactions, voids, fullness, stress, chemistry, enzymes, deficiencies, excesses.

It therefore occurs to me that "motivation" alone is not enough , we need indicators of the person's state of health.

Through the indicators you can work on the " here and now " in a detailed way, more in line with reality. Understanding whether supplementation is needed to rebalance an organism, not only by "forcing" it with motivational aspects, can be an interesting starting point.

Not long ago a little boy, accompanied by his father, contacted me and arrived in my studio. Athlete, teenager, good at school, he doesn't get the sporting results that the coaches expect and the coaches say: "he will be demotivated, it will be the period..."

To make a long story short, I advise the father to investigate his son's health status , in my opinion my intervention was irrelevant at that precise moment. In fact, what was a sensation for me has become an indicator! At that precise moment the boy was unable to achieve a result for physical and not motivational reasons. his body was not functioning as well as everyone thought and therefore he was not able to support sporting activity.

I found this experience very interesting because the search for a cause leads me to the integration of skills , it leads me to the search for integration or supplementation with quality and totally personalized products and leads me to a reflection: the search for well-being is a path, as is the search for self-awareness . Falling into clichés and easy judgments is a very superficial approach, taking into account that the search for a path deserves the consideration of all possibilities. Is stressing a debilitated organism, with an attempt to motivate it, really necessary? Is it respectful of the customer? Is useful?

Motivation should be managed, it should be integrated, it should be examined and explored in depth and also respected, especially in its shadow (demotivation).

If the body is not able to accommodate the motivational work, there is a risk of stressing it even more, obtaining poor results and little satisfaction from all subjects.

I think this is an interesting step on both sides, because it is a bridge that unites motivation with awareness.