The jump in temperature they seem to be the main feature of this spring, but you can boost your immune system and enjoy every moment thanks to SpiruTonic, the Spirulina Algae tablet supplement!

A study published in 2005 by the specialized magazine: " Journal of Medicinal Food " showed that those who regularly take this super algae obtain a significant improvement in health conditions, even in the case of suffering from upper respiratory allergies , especially rhinitis .

To arrive at these conclusions, the quantities of cytokines , interferon and various other immune system mediators present in the bloodstream of participants, before and after taking Spirulina algae.


I'm proteins playing a fundamental role in the immune response of our body. They are responsible for sending the signal that allows the antibodies to be activated and to make them rush to the presence of a pathogen (agent causing disease).

We can say that cytokines are the messengers of the immune response .

The interferons , although part of the cytokine group, have a slightly different action: they are positioned on the cell membrane and, in the presence of viruses , they immediately stimulate the cell to respond adequately (University of South Carolina School of Medicine).


It is part of the group of carotenoids which, like beta-carotene, are precursors of vitamin A. In spirulina there are 15 types of carotenoids, the concentration is so high, as to be 10 times higher than that of carrots.

Carotene pigments contribute, in turn, to strengthen the immune defenses . Also, they work from antioxidants and render harmless free radicals (ie the harmful cells that are created as a result of environmental pollutants and metabolic waste), thus reducing damage to cells and DNA.

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