SPA DAY: oggi penso a me Ecosalute

SPA DAY: today I think of myself

In a hectic and busy life , taking care of yourself and allowing yourself some time has become almost a luxury that few can afford.

However, the time you dedicate to yourself is essential to recharge your batteries and start on the right foot. So, if you don't feel like putting your nose outside or don't have the time, let's see how to recreate a spa at home.


Start by turning off your mobile : you've spent too much time on it!

Light the scented candles and click "play" on your favorite relaxing music , turn on the water and abound with a bath shower . Always keep the water temperature monitored: if it is too high, goodbye, relax!

If you have a diffuser available, add a few drops of essential oil , we recommend that of lavender , eucalyptus or cinnamon , to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere . Perfumes have a big impact on the mind, they combine calm and tranquility : aromatherapy has a strong impact. ( Download the book on Aromatherapy for free ).

If you don't have the diffuser available, you can directly add 5-6 drops into the bath water or simply leave the bottle open.

For a real cure -all you can add 2 tablespoons of Epsom salts in powder, extremely useful for reducing skin imperfections and giving the skin greater light and vitality, stimulating blood circulation and counteracting muscle fatigue .

Spend time and attention on the skin on your body too: start with exfoliation . At least once a week the scrub should be used for both the face and the body. It will help eliminate dead cells and promote cell renewal.

After the bath you will feel the skin tighten a little: it is time for hydration . Choose the most suitable cream for you, you can opt for a deep hydration , for a relaxing effect or fight the skin imperfections of cellulite.

The same rule applies to the face too: first exfoliation and then hydration . If you want to simulate a DIY home cleaning, start by opening the pores with a little steam through the suffimiges , they will allow you to open the pores and clean them more effectively.

Then proceed with hydration : to make the skin plump and compact , first start with the face serum and the eye contour serum and then proceed with the moisturizing face cream or the anti-aging face cream for more mature skin.

Don't forget the lips! You can make a scrub (always gently) to eliminate annoying cuticles and apply a generous layer of lip balm , so that it acts as a lip mask.

After your skincare treat yourself to a relaxing herbal tea or a chamomile, you deserve it!