Gambe gonfie e doloranti? A mai più! Ecosalute

Swollen and sore legs? To never again!

The feeling of swollen and heavy legs is much more common than you think and can be triggered by a number of factors, including fluid accumulation or inflammation associated with trauma.

This condition can be perennial (in that case it is better to consult your doctor) or linked to a specific moment, for example the week preceding the menstrual cycle: in fact, hormones in this period carry out their vasodilatory action.

To relieve swelling and facilitate microcirculation , the first thing is to do sports: it will trigger a real "pump effect" that will reactivate the microcirculation. This can be associated with the integration of plant extracts capable of promoting microcirculation.

Gambe Sane is a medicinal tincture composed of a mixture of four plant extracts specially designed to effectively support the functionality of the microcirculation , give relief and avoid the feeling of heaviness in the legs.


  • Horse chestnut: supports the functionality of the microcirculation thanks to its specific phlebotonic properties of venous diseases, as it increases the tone of the venous part and reduces stasis , facilitating venous return.
  • Rusco: has vasoprotective, anti-inflammatory and phlebotonic properties supporting the venous circulation . It supports the health and the permeability of the capillaries.
  • Vine leaf: regulates the functionality of the cardiovascular system and supports the functionality of the microcirculation effectively counteracting the sense of heaviness.
  • Blackberry: supports the functionality of the microcirculation effectively counteracting the sense of heaviness of the legs and helps maintain balance of the vascular pressure .

Useful in case of:

  • heavy, swollen legs
  • symptoms caused by venous circulation problems

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There are some measures that can promote microcirculation, including:

  1. Hydrate properly : water in fact facilitates the elimination of waste and liquids
  2. Reduce salt in your diet: if possible it can be replaced by spices or herbs
  3. Eat more fruits and vegetables - the fibers will have to become your new best friends
  4. Yes to fish and meat
  5. No to refined sugars

Start preparing for the arrival of spring!

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