Risveglia le gambe dal letargo con l'esfoliazione Ecosalute

Awaken the legs from hibernation with exfoliation

The first solos begin and from nowhere we remember something now forgotten: the legs .

In the winter months the legs hibernate and when the sun begins to advance, it is known that soon they too will see the light , after months of darkness.

The first step for an excellent result is exfoliation , which should be done at least once a week .

This step is essential to promote cell renewal and eliminate all dead cells that accumulate over time, thus allowing the skin to regain its brightness and giving it a healthier appearance.

In addition, it is a very useful step even before hair removal (both with waxing and with a razor blade) because it allows the ingrown hair to break free and be more easily trapped in the wax.

Aware of the importance of exfoliation , we have formulated a natural Body Scrub capable of carrying out its action in a delicate and respectful way for the skin .


  • Avocado Oil: Avocado is rich in fatty acids and nutrients that are ideal for skin beauty . The high content of oleic and palmitoleic acids gives this oil regenerating and antioxidant properties that visibly improve the appearance of the skin.
  • Aloe: the juice extracted from this plant boasts effective emollient , healing , astringent and soothing properties; therefore it is perfect in case of inflamed, irritated and sensitive skin.
  • Almond and hazelnut shells: from the shell of the almond and hazelnut a very effective exfoliating powder to cleanse the skin in depth.
  • Currant Extract: obtained from the fruits of Black Currant , it is an extract rich in Vitamin C , which together with the high content of flavonoids strengthens its antioxidant capacity.

How to use

Apply the scrub after having moistened the skin, massage with light circular movements insisting on the areas particularly in need.

Rinse and then proceed with hydration to soothe and nourish the skin.

Start with exfoliation!