Physical activity must be well studied and organized.

Disturbances such as fatigue, tiredness and lack of desire to do is a common and frequent condition if the training does not take into account the person as an individual and his abilities.

The factors responsible for a good workout and therefore a good physical performance are:

  • Nutrition: which ensures the energy needed during training and for recovery
  • Rest or recovery : the set of physiological modifications and adjustments that allow the body to restore the psycho-physical balance situation that a stressful situation such as training has triggered

If only one of these two factors is applied incorrectly, a negative influence on the whole organism is noted. If these deficiencies persist over time, situations such as stagnation or even worsening of performance and physical pain caused by a lack of organization of physical activity are created.


  • Excessive and inappropriate training for your lifestyle
  • overly standardized workouts
  • insufficient sleep
  • too stressful lifestyle
  • too frequent competitions
  • inadequate and / or unbalanced power supply
  • food poisoning


It is very important because it is very easy to get into this condition and very difficult to get out of it.

There are various strategies to prevent it:

  • ADEQUATE REST : allow yourself a fairly long rest period between one workout and the next; sleep at least 7-8 hours a night; improve the quality of sleep and promote recovery with massages, creams or baths of salts and hot water.
  • DO NOT WORK OUT EXCESSIVELY : Cortisol levels begin to increase significantly after 40-50 minutes of starting exercise.
  • CHECK YOUR BLOOD VALUES PERIODICALLY : if you notice a decrease in hematocrit and hemoglobin and / or a decrease in the testosterone / cortisol ratio and / or an increase in leukocytes, you have probably entered a phase of overtraining
  • FOLLOW A BALANCED DIET : take the various nutrients in the right proportions
  • ADAPT THE TRAINING TO YOUR LIFE STYLE : obviously those who lead a particularly stressful lifestyle, full of commitments and exhausting activities both from a physical and mental point of view, cannot expect to train like those who work a few hours a day sitting behind a a desk .


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