In order for the body to work efficiently and regularly, it is necessary to cleanse it of toxins that accumulate in the body over time.

The occurrence of dark circles and bags under the eyes is not a disease but a signal that the body uses when something is wrong as it should.

The reasons for the appearance of dark circles are different and not always identifiable, but surely one of the main reasons is to have a high amount of toxins in the body. Toxins are waste substances that accumulate over the long term that weaken the body making it more vulnerable to external agents.

If you are in conditions in which the body is overloaded and struggles to purify easily, you must try to help it: at least once a year it would be advisable to carry out a purification cycle .


The Balanced Clark mix is a medicinal compound that supports digestive functions.

Enriched with:

  • Green walnut husk and Artemisia: they promote digestion and support the functionality of the intestine and liver
  • Cloves: they favor the elimination of gases by regulating the functions of the intestine.

The formula has been enhanced with Burdock which allows a drainage of body fluids, facilitating the elimination of toxins .

How to use:

Take 40 drops twice a day, for 15 days.

Suspend for 15 days.

Resume for another 15 days


A product that can be useful for purifying the body is the Liver Depurative , a medicinal compound, based on natural principles able to purify the body at 360 °.

Inside there are:

  • Milk thistle: plant known for its purifying properties of the body with particular support for the activity of the liver: it promotes digestive functions
  • Fumitory: with hepatobiliary properties it promotes digestion. It also promotes oxygenation and absorption of nutrients at the cellular level, promoting the well-being of the skin. The skin is a fundamental vector as it allows toxins and impurities to be brought outside the body.
  • Combreto, Elicriso and Lime: make purification more effective with their synergistic activity.
How to use:
The purification cycle lasts about 3 weeks in which you have to take 30 drops twice a day in water, before meals.


The Kidney Depurative is a medicinal compound that promotes the drainage of body fluids and the well-being of the urinary tract.

Characterized by:

- Goldenrod , Barbana and Uva ursina optimal ingredients to support the activity of the kidneys by promoting the drainage of liquids and preventing the formation of stones.

- Birch , Pilosella , Cherry , Beech and Poplar to favor the purification of the body from toxins that are eliminated through diuresis.

How to use:

40 drops twice a day with plenty of water, between meals.

For a 6 week cycle.

To facilitate the purification cycle, an ad hoc package was created.

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