Thanks to its innumerable uses in folk medicines it is possible to find innumerable recipes based on ginger.

In Burma , ginger and a local sweetener made from the juice of the palm tree ( Htan nyat ) are boiled together and used to prevent flu .

In China , a drink or soda made from sliced ​​ginger cooked in sweetened water is used as a folk medicine for colds .

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo , ginger is crushed and mixed with the sap of the mango tree to make tangawisi , which is considered a panacea.

In India , ginger paste is applied to the temples to relieve headaches, and is ingested by those with the common cold.

In Indonesia , a type of ginger known as jahe is used as a plant preparation to reduce fatigue , prevent and treat rheumatism, and control poor eating habits.

In the Philippines , a traditional healthy drink called salabat is prepared for breakfast by boiling bits of ginger and adding sugar; it is considered a good cure for throat inflammations.


Why not prepare a drink to enjoy comfortably at home?

Inspired by recipes from all over the world, it is possible to taste and take advantage of its beneficial properties by preparing a concentrated juice enriched with lemons and honey. It has now become a trend all over the world to take a " shot " of fresh ginger juice. This drink has the function of activating the body and can easily replace morning coffee. Thanks to its " spiciness " it warms the organism and activates the metabolism. A small concentrate that contains many vitamins and nutrients, essential for the immune system.


300 gr of fresh ginger

Juice and peel of 5 organic lemons

700 ml of water

200 gr of honey


  1. Wash the ginger and cut it into small pieces
  2. Wash and peel the lemons
  3. Cook the lemon peels together with the ginger pieces and 700 ml of water for 20 minutes
  4. Squeeze the lemons and mix the juice with honey
  5. Mix the 2 liquids together at room temperature
  6. Store in glass bottles in the refrigerator

Consume a small glass of this drink in the morning on an empty stomach for the greatest benefits.

Contraindicated for those suffering from gastric acidity and reflux problems and for pregnant women because it could promote labor pains.

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