SCRUB CORPO: esfoliazione al top 🥑 Ecosalute

BODY SCRUB: top exfoliation 🥑

The Body Scrub allows the elimination of dead cells that accumulate on the epidermis over time, making the skin regain its natural brightness .

If too aggressive, however, it can cause more harm than good by drying out and depriving the skin of its defenses .

The Body Scrub thanks to the presence of the oils allows to maintain the correct level of hydration and nourishment , carrying out its exfoliating action while respecting the delicacy of the skin.

Also useful to avoid the formation of ingrown hairs or to prepare the skin for waxing: maximum 24 hours before the session.

This step is essential to allow the Moisturizer to penetrate more easily, favoring oxygenation of the skin tissue .

Ingredient properties:

  • Avocado Oil: Avocado is rich in fatty acids and nutrients ideal for the beauty of the balls. The high content of oleic and palmitoleic acids gives this oil regenerating and antioxidant properties that improve the appearance of the skin and delay aging , as well as carrying out a protective and repairing action on the tissues .
  • Aloe: the juice extracted from this plant boasts effective emollient properties , cicatrizing, astringent And soothing ; it is therefore perfect in the case of skin inflamed , irritated And sensitive as it facilitates its resolution .
  • Almond and hazelnut shells: from the shell of the almond and hazelnut a very effective exfoliating powder to cleanse the skin in depth. It allows you to prepare products with an exfoliating effect that make the skin smooth and smooth , activating skin microcirculation .
  • Currant Extract: obtained from the fruits of Black Currant, it is an extract rich in Vitamin C which, together with the high content of flavonoids , strengthens its antioxidant capacity .

How to use:

Apply a good amount of product on wet skin and massage gently with light and constant circular movements , it is preferable to apply the Scrub during the shower in order to have the skin already moist. Do not apply the product in case of irritated skin.

The use of the exfoliator is required once a week to avoid excessive stress on the skin . We also remind you that the Body Scrub cannot also be used for the face: in this case it is better to use a Face Scrub to safeguard the delicacy of the skin of the face.

After the exfoliating phase, proceed with the application of the Moisturizing Body Cream.