HAND CREAM: protection and nourishment

The hands are the part of the body that most easily undergoes dehydration are, in fact, covered by a very thick horny layer that does not favor natural hydration.

They are also subject to many factors that can cause dehydration such as: cold , wind , temperature changes and the use of detergents.

Having manicured hands does not necessarily mean having a manicure, but giving them the right attention and the right care , let's remember that they are our business card!

The Hand Cream is a pampering that you can give yourself several times during the day to ensure the right level of hydration, even for nails and cuticles.

Thanks to the presence of vegetable oils it nourishes and moisturizes in case of dry and dehydrated skin . Enriched with propolis , it repairs damage and prevents redness typical of the winter season, while Neem oil allows the perfect balance between protection and deep nutrition .

Ingredient properties:

  • Avocado oil: avocado is rich in fatty acids And nutrients, ideal for the beauty of the balls. The high content of oleic acid And palmitoleic gives this oil properties regenerating And antioxidants which improve the appearance of the skin And they delay aging , in addition to carrying out a protective action And tissue repairer .
  • Propolis: emollient and anti-dehydrating properties.
  • Hyaluronic acid: organic acid which, by retaining moisture , is able to exert its action on two skin levels: in depth it restores volume to the skin plumping it, while the superficial layer of the skin is softer and more compact.
  • Shea Butter: derived from seeds of a plant called "the tree of health and youth". Thanks to its content of unsaponifiable substances it makes the epidermis elastic and toned at the same time, nourishing it without occluding the pores .

  • Neem oil: moisturizing and elasticizing
  • Sweet almond oil: vegetable oil extracted from the cold pressing of sweet almonds, rich in fatty acids , vitamins and mineral salts . It has emollient , moisturizing , firming and regenerating properties .

Thanks to the presence of these fatty substances on the epidermis, a "film" is created which limits the loss of water, guaranteeing hydration.

To limit the dryness of the hands it would be better to avoid the use of too aggressive detergents and remember to wear gloves when washing .

For a 360 ° hydration you can apply a thick layer of cream and leave it to act all night .

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