Crema Corpo: idratazione con Avocado e Aloe Ecosalute

Body Cream: hydration with Avocado and Aloe

The daily application of a good cream allows to keep the skin elastic , healthy and hydrated .

Its use is essential especially after a shower, after which the skin will be dehydrated due to the heat and steam .

A must have in particular for those who play sports, to ensure the right level of nourishment for the skin that tends to dry out as a result of sweating .

With the exotic notes of Mango and Papaya , the Moisturizing Body Cream deeply nourishes the skin without making it oily, it is in fact a rapidly absorbed product.

Ideal for both dry and delicate skin, Avocado strengthens and protects the skin, Aloe performs a soothing and moisturizing action together with Sweet Almond Oil.

Also useful for the driest areas of our body such as the elbows or heels. If you want a shock treatment, you can apply a generous amount of the product and massage until completely absorbed on the affected areas.

Formulated with 97% natural ingredients.

Ingredient properties:

  • Avocado Oil: Avocado is rich in fatty acids and nutrients ideal for the beauty of the skin. The high content of oleic and palmitoleic acids gives this oil regenerating and antioxidant properties that improve the appearance of the skin and delay aging , as well as carrying out a protective and repairing action on the tissues .
  • Sweet almond oil: vegetable oil extracted from the cold pressing of sweet almonds, rich in fatty acids , vitamins and mineral salts . It has emollient , moisturizing , firming and regenerating properties.
  • Aloe: the juice extracted from this plant boasts effective emollient , healing, astringent and soothing properties; it is therefore perfect in case of inflamed , irritated and sensitive skin as it facilitates its resolution .
  • Hyaluronic Acid: organic acid which, by retaining moisture , is able to exert its action on two skin levels: in depth it restores volume to the skin, plumping it, while the superficial layer of the skin is softer and more compact .

Apply a generous dose all over the body. If used after a shower, it can also be applied when the skin is still damp .

Gently massage applying the product with circular movements until completely absorbed.