Everyone wants to have solid and efficient immune defenses, especially when they are aware of being more exposed to viruses and bacteria. The human immune system is a perfect machine, which works in synergy with all the other systems to ensure the body is fully protected from disease.

Therefore, as is logical, it is not able to work at its best if hindered by toxic waste accumulated in cells, tissues and organs; these toxic substances can derive from:

  • a diet excessively rich in processed foods, perhaps with chemical molecules
  • normal cellular metabolism, which leads to the production of waste substances
  • abuse of drugs, now reduced to catabolites, which have not yet been completely disposed of by the body
  • heavy metal intoxication (acute or constant and prolonged)

So how to promote the body's natural defenses?

Preparatory routine:

To better prepare the immune system, you can follow a completely natural routine which involves an initial detoxification of the body followed by a stimulation of the defenses; finally, since the latter could, as happens with antibiotics, slightly alter the intestinal flora in the most sensitive subjects, it is useful to end the sequence with the rebalancing of the flora present in the colon.

  1. It then begins with detoxifying the body from waste and toxins, perhaps using natural substances with a chelating action such as Zeolite . This mineral of volcanic origin in fact has the ability to bind heavy metals and toxins in particular, and facilitate their expulsion since it is not absorbed by the gastrointestinal system.

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  1. Once the organism has been "cleaned up" it is possible to turn all one's attention to the defense system itself; for this purpose it may be useful to take natural elements with a combined immunostimulating action , such as Echinocaps Immuno : based on echinacea, elderberry and uncaria are in fact characterized by strong antioxidant properties and support the immune system, enhancing its effectiveness.

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  1. Finally, the preparatory routine can be completed by restoring the balance of the intestinal flora , which may have slightly altered; the intake of prebiotics and probiotics also benefits the good bacteria present in the intestine, which are therefore able to better counteract any attack by pathogenic bacteria.

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