Everyone dreams of a face free from imperfections, with a luminous complexion and a soft and hydrated epidermis.

Unfortunately, between the air pollution to which it is subjected every day, the not always healthy diet and incorrect habits (how many times do you happen to not remove make-up before going to sleep or do you forget to cleanse properly?) resents.

It is therefore important to always remember to perform a correct cleansing morning and evening , using the most suitable detergent for you and taking care, if it is not micellar waters or hydrolates, to rinse thoroughly. Then it is good to apply a good cream , according to the needs of your skin.

Often, however, this is not enough and the face, being a particularly delicate area, needs some extra care to shine and show its full potential.

A valid help is represented by the aloe vera gel : from the leaves of this plant a very dense juice is extracted, with a gelatinous consistency, which boasts anti-inflammatory, lightening, purifying, moisturizing and soothing properties . You can use a preservative-free aloe gel or, even better, you can directly use the gel contained in the leaves of the plant, if you have it available; it is sufficient to cut a leaf and vigorously squeeze its contents, or cut it lengthwise and scrape the inside with a knife.

Once you have obtained the basic ingredient, here are four recipes for DIY masks with Aloe vera gel, to pamper your skin and rediscover its beauty: choose the one that suits you best!


Aloe vera, yogurt and honey mask - nourishing

  • 2 tablespoons of Aloe vera gel
  • 1 tablespoon of plain yogurt
  • 1 teaspoon of honey

If you have dull and dry skin , this is the mask for you. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and apply the mixture on a well-cleansed and dry face, then leave it on for 30 minutes. Finally, remove the mask with warm water and pat dry gently. The skin will immediately appear softer and more radiant.

Aloe Vera, Tea Tree and Epsom Salt Mask - purifying

This mask is particularly suitable for those with small imperfections, blackheads and excess sebum , especially in the forehead, nose and chin area. The presence of Tea Tree oil allows to enhance the purifying action of the mask, while the microgranules of Epsom salts perform a delicate exfoliation. Mix the ingredients in a bowl, apply to a clean and dry face, avoiding the eye area, and leave for 15 minutes; finally rinse with warm water by gently making small circular movements and pat dry.

Aloe Vera, banana and almond oil mask - moisturizing

  • 2 tablespoons of Aloe vera gel
  • The mashed pulp of half a ripe banana
  • 2 teaspoons of sweet almond oil

It is the ideal remedy for those with very dehydrated and not very elastic skin . The pulp of the banana combined with almond oil, with its moisturizing and elasticising properties, further amplifies the moisturizing action of aloe. Combine all the ingredients in a bowl and apply the mixture on the previously cleansed and dried face; leave to act for at least 30 minutes and then rinse with plenty of warm water. Finally pat gently.

Aloe Vera, lavender and chamomile mask - soothing

Very suitable for those with delicate and hypersensitive skin , which becomes inflamed or irritated easily, this mask combines the soothing and repairing properties of aloe gel with the known calming action of lavender and chamomile. Mix the ingredients thoroughly in a bowl and apply the mask on your face, letting it work for 25 minutes. Finally rinse with warm water and gently pat your face, without rubbing.

Finally, to complete the treatment, apply a good moisturizer. The mask can be replicated once a week; it is also possible to vary the type, depending on the conditions and needs of your skin.