Summer is over and with it relaxation, untimed days, binges at the table.

Getting back into daily rhythms isn't easy. But we can take advantage of all the benefits that the holiday has given us: clean air, good memories, energy and joy.

The bad mood of returning to work and the usual daily routine does not help, indeed it makes things worse. On the other hand, living the return to the city in the best possible way, also thanks to the help of nature, can be positive.

How to do?

There are three energizing products that help you recharge your batteries !


It is the ideal supplement to promote the mineralization of the organism thanks to its balanced composition which favors the correct elimination of accumulated acid metabolic waste.

Alkavita ® Basic mainly uses the properties of Potassium, Dolomite, Calcium and Magnesium .

To a lesser extent there are Zinc, Manganese, Selenium and Iron .

Precious is the horsetail extract , a rich natural source of silicon that completes and enhances the action of the supplement.

For whom it is useful Alkavita ® Basic?

  • Those who want to eliminate any acid waste present in the body by favoring its alkalinization;
  • Who feels tired;
  • Those who practice sports;
  • Those who find it hard to concentrate;
  • In combination with Potassium it is ideal in case of muscle cramps, especially at night.

ALKAVITA MAG MAGNESIUM CHLORIDE , thanks to its innovative formulation based on Magnesium and Vitamin B6, promotes normal sleep / wake balance, helps to counteract fatigue and stress.

The peculiarity of Magnesium Chloride is the greater ease of absorption by the intestine thanks to its gastro-resistant coating. In addition, it acts in synergy with Vitamin B6 which allows greater assimilation of Magnesium, also supporting the functionality of the nervous system.

PLURIMO , multivitamin that thanks to the strength of the vitamins contained in it, helps to restore the physical and mental well-being of the body. It gives energy and helps to regain the lost sprint.

Magnesium, zinc, potassium, chromium, copper, selenium, are some of the components of the Plurimo that guarantee the daily need for nutrients and minerals. Useful for seasonal changes, for periods full of stress and fatigue, and also for those who adopt a vegan diet.