The holidays are over and we are reluctantly returning to the city.

Work, school, daily commitments resume their rhythm, a little too fast compared to ours. Because the days spent at the sea, in the mountains or simply with relatives and friends in complete relaxation, were marked by the typical slowness of summer.

It is not easy to immediately regain possession of the city rhythms and the lost routine: mood, exhaustion and difficulty in concentrating can slow down our daily activities.

It's Post Vacation Blues Syndrome, much more common than you think.

A few tricks are enough to find the perfect balance.

Seeing the glass as half full: consider the holiday over as a good mood supply and a recharging period and not as a finished experience for which to feel nostalgia.

The important thing is to stay calm and prepare for any overload. Often the real problem is in fact mental fatigue rather than body fatigue.

Intense study, work and conditions of high psycho-physical stress can in fact lead to fatigue, difficulty concentrating and poor memory.

What to do then in this case? We ask for help from nature!

Memora : medicinal compound, 100% natural, which thanks to the properties of its ingredients proves to be a valid ally to help you regain clarity and concentration, favoring a quick recovery in cases of physical and mental fatigue.

One of the plants present is the Ginkgo , an ancient plant of Chinese origin widely used in phytotherapy to increase the vascularization of tissues and improve the activity of chemical transmitters in the brain; combined with Blueberry , with strong antioxidant properties, protects and promotes brain activity.

Memora also contains Maca and Eleutherococcus, useful for counteracting stress! These are two adaptogenic plants that have the ability to help the body to be more efficient in situations of stress and physical and mental fatigue. Perfect allies to regain concentration

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