The reopening of the gyms and the partial exit from this general lockdown leave us thinking about the possibility of returning to training and getting back in shape.

In order not to leave this thought only as a purpose, it is good to set goals and impose a strategy based on five winning moves:

1) Give yourself time . As the saying goes "Rome was not done in a day", for this you need to be patient and take gradual and slow steps to adopt a new lifestyle. Whether it's a diet change, gym membership, it all takes time to make it a habit.

2) Experience your mistakes and failures as essential steps to learning. All the greatest entrepreneurs know this point well, in fact they know that a not entirely positive moment allows you to acquire a precious baggage to know your weaknesses.

3) Find the right reasons : whether they are big or small, without it it is difficult to continue.

4) If you want to be sure that you reach your destination, the road ahead must be fun or rewarding .

5) A fifth winning move can also come from taking some supplements that can help you tackle this path, such as:

  • Bromelain : enzyme obtained from the stem of the pineapple , supports the functionality of the microcirculation and slows down the appearance of cellulite. Promotes the drainage of body fluids by counteracting water retention .

  • Alka Kelp : seaweed that increases the basal metabolism and stimulates the body to burn reserve fats, especially those accumulated around the waist. Rich in iodine, magnesium , calcium and potassium, it gives energy during the change of season.

  • Glucomannan o : gluten-free dietary fiber that helps control hunger by giving a sense of satiety . It also reduces the absorption of sugars and fats. It reduces the assimilation of carbohydrates and promotes the absorption of triglycerides and cholesterol .

  • Inulin : is a prebiotic sugar that nourishes the intestinal bacterial flora. Inulin has a positive influence on metabolism, accelerates it and promotes greater calorie consumption. It gives satiety and decreases hunger attacks.