To combat rough and dry skin , typical of the post-holiday and early seasonal changes, or even just to revive the epidermis and give it a smoother and more compact appearance , there is nothing better than an invigorating exfoliation.

Exfoliation, also commonly known as scrub, involves gently rubbing the skin with products containing microgranules or microparticles that have the function of eliminating impurities and dead cells, leaving it soft and above all free to breathe. This process also has the function of stimulating the microcirculation, with a beneficial effect on cellulite and water retention , and of stimulating the renewal of the epidermis .

On the market there is a very wide choice of exfoliants for the body (an area often neglected to focus instead on the face), but why not resort to natural ingredients and have fun customizing your own cosmetic?

Here is the recipe for a totally natural body exfoliant based on zeolite , a mineral of volcanic origin that has the ability to chelate heavy metals and toxic substances, thus performing a real Detox action on the skin:
  • Put the powdered zeolite in a bowl
  • Add three or four tablespoons of sweet almond oil (if the skin is particularly dry and dull, it is possible to replace the almond oil with natural yogurt, which has a nourishing as well as moisturizing action)
  • Combine 2 drops of sweet orange essential oil (for an energizing effect) or 2 drops of lavender essential oil (for a relaxing effect)
  • Mix thoroughly
It is obviously possible to use an essential oil of your choice to customize your scrub, paying attention to the type of oil (for example those exclusively for diffusers are not suitable).
It should be applied to damp skin and massaged with small circular movements, from the bottom upwards: from the feet to the hips, from the hands towards the armpit. Heels, knees and elbows must be massaged firmly, while it is necessary to be more delicate on more sensitive areas such as the breasts, décolleté and inner thighs. When finished, be sure to rinse thoroughly with warm water; it is good to apply a good moisturizer after exfoliation, to complete the wellness treatment.
To further improve the appearance of the epidermis, a detoxification of the body from the inside can certainly help: by eliminating toxic waste, the skin will also benefit from it, as it is one of the organs responsible for their disposal, when present in excessive quantities.
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