When we talk about heavy metals and intoxication we think of purification . The body needs to cleanse itself of excess toxins . Not only that: a bad diet and the pollution we breathe every day cause in the long run an accumulation of waste that damages the normal functioning of the organism.

How can you start healthy again?

Chlorella algae and Coriander are two very valuable natural aids.

Chlorella is known as the “jewel of the east” for its high concentration of vitamins, minerals, proteins and enzymes; its purifying and curative action is also noteworthy, thanks to its high level of nutrients and chlorophyll.

What are its benefits?

Chlorella promotes digestion and helps to help the bacterial flora, hindering various ailments such as candida, diabetes, cholesterol and heart disease, as well as giving energy and vitality.

Rich in antioxidants, it is a natural cure-all for the skin and stimulates the metabolism of fats , and is also valuable in case of menstrual pain and caused by menopause.

One of the main functions of chlorella is the ability to help the organs eliminate toxins and harmful substances such as heavy metals and all external substances that enter our body and cause dysfunctions.

Through the kidneys most of the toxic substances are eliminated, but there may be accumulations capable of causing damage to health, even very serious. Chlorella is able to bind to some toxins and help eliminate them from the body.

Did you just quit smoking? Chlorella algae is your precious ally: it will help you eliminate the residues of metals contained in tobacco such as cadmium and chromium.

The purifying action of Chlorella can be enhanced by the simultaneous intake of Coriander .

The insufficiently thin structure of the Chlorella Alga does not allow it to cross the blood-brain barrier, that is, it is not able to reach the nervous tissue, therefore, to complete the chelation, it is advisable to combine Coriander.

Coriander or Chinese parsley is an aromatic herb known for its antiseptic, digestive and purifying properties.

The great advantage of coriander is that it is able to cross the blood-brain barrier thanks to the presence of mercaptan among its components; this makes it suitable for the chelation of the central nervous system, as well as being an excellent digestive and anti-fermentative.

Coriander also stimulates the nervous system and works as a tonic against the sense of fatigue and apathy.

It is particularly useful for the removal of mercury, which can be present in the spaces between cells and in the cell nucleus, as well as against cadmium, lead and aluminum present in the bones or nervous system.

The synergy with the Chlorella Algae allows the toxins not to be reabsorbed but to be definitively expelled.