Is the skin red, extremely dry, itchy and burning? ... these are the symptoms of sunburn.

It's about a real superficial burn of the skin, whose symptoms may appear even after several hours and have a more or less severe intensity, which depends on one's phototype, the duration of exposure or may be caused by the intake of some types of drugs that cause sensitization to ultraviolet rays.

The phototype is nothing more than a dermatological classification, determined on the basis of the quality and quantity of melanin present in the skin.

It follows that those with very light skin and blond or red hair need a sunscreen with a much higher protection factor than those with a dark, olive complexion and black hair.

Children and the elderly, regardless of the phototype, should be protected with very high factors (50+) and, if possible, kept in the shade.

The drugs that can trigger a sunburn are different: starting with birth control pill , ai antibiotics and antivirals, some diuretics, several non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and anti-acne drugs . It is advisable to carefully read the illustrative booklets of these products before exposure to sunlight.

But also pay attention to cosmetics such as perfumes, deodorants and aftershaves which can trigger similar reactions. It is also better to avoid oils and oily lotions which, like a magnifying glass, amplify the intensity of the sun's rays.

The skin has a very long memory and where it has been damaged in the past, it is much more sensitive and predisposed to run into new problems. Furthermore, due to repeated sunburn, the epidermis tends to lose elasticity and tone and there is a risk of premature skin aging.

Natural remedies for sunburn:

First you need to lower your body temperature with a cold or barely warm water bath. To this we can add a glass of rice starch , useful for calming irritation and redness, thanks to its soothing and moisturizing properties.

After the bath it is recommended to let the skin dry in the air, without rubbing it with a towel. Then you can apply several sprays of IONIC COLLOIDAL SILVER , known for its ability to support the self-regeneration of the skin and, for this reason, even used in burn centers.

Once the skin is dry again it will be necessary to help it regain the correct elasticity and hydration, this will relieve the annoying itching and the feeling of tension.