Parla l'esperto: i benefici dell'olio di cocco Ecosalute

Talk the expert: the benefits of coconut oil

Dr. Gianluca Ghilardi , Nutritionist Biologist, graduated with full marks in Biology applied to the sciences of Nutrition at the University of Milan illustrates the properties of Coconut Butter

Produced in the Philippines and Indonesia and recently introduced in our cuisine, Coconut Butter contains a lot of saturated fats , but unlike saturated fats of animal origin which are long-chain, the latter are short-chain .

Short-chain fatty acids (SCFA) are easily metabolized to butyric acid by our intestinal flora, a six-carbon fatty acid that is a source of nutrition for the intestinal cells themselves, inhibits the growth of cancerous cells , increases the sensitivity of the glucose and insulin preventing Diabetes and ultimately acts in the liver by lowering hepatic steatosis.

Pure coconut butter has countless properties that are important for health. In particular, being a product of natural origin, it is cholesterol - free . For this reason it is recommended for those who suffer from hypercholesterolemia . Its natural composition can easily replace common animal fats such as the classic and simple butter .

Contains high amounts of caprylic acid . The latter is generally used in the field of cosmetics and food , especially in sports and health . It is a very useful substance to fight the fungi present inside the body: in particular, it is an excellent remedy against candida .

It also contains capric acid . If this substance is taken, it produces a powerful antimicrobial agent , called monocaprino , within the human intestine.

Coconut butter is made up of 50% lauric acid , which has anti-infectious and antiseptic properties . Today, it is used and marketed as an anti-viral food supplement to fight HIV and herpes .

Coconut butter also contains 90% saturated fatty acids , as it is of vegetable origin. The latter, according to some studies, could promote the loss of abdominal fat . However, it is strongly advised against taking too much by the world health organizations.

Contains vitamin E ; in addition to being an antioxidant and anti- inflammatory substance, it reduces skin aging . In addition, it strengthens and protects the immune system .

It also has a smoke point of 177 degrees celsuis so it is highly recommended for frying over our refined oils.

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