Massaggio al cuoio capelluto: i benefici Ecosalute

Scalp massage: the benefits

The scalp massage is not very widespread and well known, but it is a real beauty elixir , it is a pampering that we can easily allow ourselves to lighten body and mind.

In Ayurvedic philosophy, the scalp self-massage must be carried out daily to be able to reap the numerous benefits , it is preferable to do it on dry hair as when wet they are more fragile.

The massage must be carried out with the use of the fingertips with gentle , circular and slow movements for about 2 minutes . It starts from the nape and slowly goes up towards the forehead area , it is advisable to repeat the operation 3 times.

The palms of the hands are then used to apply light pressure. Finally, place your fingers on your temples and slide them up, down, right and left, like small "rakes" (do not use your nails!)

If you have the time to perform a complete massage, take one strand at a time and pull it (always gently) 3 times , you will need to feel the scalp lift . Then repeat the same procedure with the whole hair.

Doing so will reactivate the microcirculation and oxygenation of the bulbs, it also prevents hair loss and gives volume to the hair, the hair will grow healthier and brighter .

The self- massage can also be combined with pre-shampoo products such as aloe or essential oils (eglavender or tea tree diluted together) to alleviate itching or blemishes and enhance the cleansing phase .

The practice of scalp self-massage is still little practiced here in the West but it is a great way to release all tension and bad thoughts.

The holistic view also provides for proper breathing to live in harmony with the world around us, releasing anxiety , frustration and tension .

If you suffer from seborrheic dermatitis or dandruff , massaging your scalp just before washing will help keep your hair cleaner. Then proceed with the Shampoo and finish with the Balsam on the lengths.