Balsamo all'olio di Argan, Mandorle Dolci e olio di Cocco Ecosalute

Balm with Argan oil, Sweet Almond and Coconut oil

At the end of the cleansing phase, the hydration phase through the conditioner is essential to restore nourishment to the hair cuticle , manage electricity and improve combability as well as making the hair brighter and shinier . In fact the action of the conditioner allows to partially waterproof the hair reducing the frizz effect.

As with any other cosmetic, it is better to use natural-based products that respect the nature of the hair and scalp.

The disciplining balm based on Coconut Oil and Argan Oil is an intensive and nourishing treatment.

How to use it?

The doses used must not be high in order not to excessively weigh down the length of the hair. Avoid the scalp because it is naturally already hydrated by the sebum produced.

Take a knob of product and massage evenly on the tips and lengths still wet after the Shampoo .

Facilitate the distribution of the product using the fingers and never the comb: the hair when wet is very fragile and the use of the comb could facilitate their damage .

Leave on for about 3 minutes and then proceed with rinsing . The conditioner based on Argan Oil, Coconut Oil and Sweet Almond Oil guarantees better combability for the hair. It is therefore possible to proceed with the drying phase without the use of brushes but only with the use of hands .

By running your fingers through your hair without pulling and untying any remaining knots.

In this way we will be able to respect the delicacy of the hair and have the perfect style!

For a perfect style:

use the hair dryer from top to bottom to facilitate the closure of the hair scales and use a medium speed and temperature , always keeping the hair dryer about 15 cm from the head.

Properties of the ingredients:

  • Argan oil: extracted from the thorny Argan plant, it gives shine and beauty to the hair. It strengthens the hair and fights the aggressions given by the drying of the hair and the plate .
  • Coconut oil: coconut is rich in fatty acids and vitamin E with a strong strong oxidant.
  • Sweet almond oil: vegetable oil extracted from the cold pressing of sweet almonds , rich in fatty acids , vitamins and mineral salts . It has moisturizing , emollient , elasticizing and regenerating properties.

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