Dr. Antonio Vivaldi , osteopath and chiropractor, talks about neck pain and the benefits of the Devil's Claw .


Neck pain along with back pain (lumbago) are among the most common disorders localized on the spine . Statistics indicate that in Italy about 60% of the population suffers from it without too much distinction from women and men, it is a painful condition that affects mainly adults but with an ever increasing increase also among children and adolescents, before analyzing the possible causes it is necessary to know broadly the anatomy of this specific body district.

The cervical tract includes vertebrae (bones), ligaments , muscles , tendons as well as neurological structures , the peripheral and central nervous system (nerves, the first 8 cervicals and the spinal cord).

Its main function is to support the head , it is the most mobile vertebral segment and in a certain sense also the most delicate and exposed.

The connections that we find in this part of the body are both of musculoskeletal , neurological and also viscero-somatic origin, it is a trait that influences and is greatly influenced by organs such as stomach , heart , lungs just to name a few, but also by the thyroid , these indications alone make us understand that cervical pain can have different origins , therefore a careful evaluation is very important to identify the main causes of pain.

Causes of neck pain

  • Bad posture

Among the very first causes that are generally attributed to neck pain is bad posture , generally given by how we are positioned in the environment around us, how we walk , the functional overloads to which we are exposed, how we sleep, these factors can induce tensions in the musculature and ligament structures creating states of inflammation , contractures and / or muscle-ligament strains , also distorting loads of more or less traumatic origin.

In the postural field, for example, a factor that increases the incidence of cervical pain even in the childhood and adolescent range , prolonged use of the smartphone , tablet and computer induce an increase in the tension overload on the flexor muscles of the neck , is calculated that, with the head bent forward there is an increase in the load of the weight of the head of about 5 times greater than normal, this prolonged condition induces the muscle-ligament structure in a state of constant tension and inflammation , also leading to an increase of stress to the intervetrebral discs , thus creating the conditions for possible pain e possible disc problems , as well as a possible fixation of postural receptors such as motor oculus, mandinular muscles, thus also inducing possible muscle tension headaches and postural disharmonies such as scoliosis.

  • Infectious conditions

There are also conditions of degenerative origin , of inflammatory and infectious origin, in these cases we speak of discopritis (the intervertebral disc that due to trauma or aging begins a process of degeneration and thinning), herniated disc (rupture of the intervertebral disc with leakage of the liquid contained in it) both situations can have important neurological consequences.

  • Inflammatory pathologies

Degenerative inflammatory diseases such as osteoarthritis , cervical spondylitis , spondylolisthesis which shows slipping of the vertebrae can be found, but there are also phenomena such as rheumatoid arthritis , meningitis , spinal tumors , fibromyalgia etc.

  • Stress

Other intrinsic causes in the problems of neck pain are stressful states and emotional overloads , not to be excluded from incorrect eating habits. There is an intimate correlation between cervical and stomach , between cervical and diaphragm , between cervical and pleura , etc.

The main connections are in the fasciae , the phrenic nerve (cervical nerve originating from C5 and innervating the diaphragm), vagus nerve (X cranial nerve with passage to the cervical and innervates almost the entire upper and lower visceral apparatus.

An altered gastric secretion can induce pain in the neck just as pain in the neck can induce an alteration to gastric peristalsis due to fascial tensions, just as a state of anxiety can induce an imbalance of the diaphragm that could reduce gastric and gastric function . reflex to create a pain relief in the cervical .

How to behave?

These are some of the possible correlations associated with the cervical tract . How can we help each other in this jungle of possible correlations to avoid leading to more important diseases and disorders.

Correct preventive hygiene at 360 ° on the subject of well -being, i.e. trying to minimize all sources of stress , if we are not able to eliminate them then we try to compensate adequately by implementing these strategies :

  • Breathing

We learn to breathe correctly in a diaphragmatic way, we cyclically perform postural or practices such as yoga , pilates . Let's dedicate some moments of relaxation , let's learn to eat correctly paired foods by modulating the acid-base response of the foods on our organism , let's learn to use the integration to reduce inflammation , to bring a correct nutritional state.

  • Alkalization

To keep the acid-base balance under control, the Alkavita line can help us, not least the magnesium chloride , a fundamental element for the well-being of the nervous system, the health of bones and muscles , as an adjuvant to limit disc dehydration. intervertebral.

  • Supplements for joint and muscle pain

MSM (methylsulfonylmethane - or sulfur) is one of the four basic minerals of our body , it participates in the synthesis of collagen is present in the cartilages and allows to maintain and improve joint flexibility and the elasticity of muscle tissues .

To help reduce muscle and tendon inflammation we can help ourselves with Boswelia , an oily resin , which thanks to its boswelic acids counteracts the inflammation cascade by reducing the production of arachidonic acid , therefore elective on pain and musculoskeletal inflammation , in addition it helps the reduction inflammation of the gastrointestinal system.

The Devil's Claw that with the harpoon and procumbide act on the joint and digestive functions.

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If the causes of neck pain are also of psycho-emotional origin and stressful overload we could associate Rhodiola which, thanks to the presence of the standardization in rosa vina, becomes an adaptogen, which modulates the cortisone response without creating adrenal decompensation.

Dr. Antonio Vivaldi DC-DO-PhD