The neck pain , especially if it can be intense and prolonged really debilitating and cause various inconveniences. including cause migraine .

Those affected are of various age groups, mainly those who play one sedantary lifestyle or who is subjected to conditions of stress and muscle tension.

A bad posture both during the day and during the night it is the main cause of muscle tension and joint problems.

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From the point of view physiological neck pain, or neck pain, can be associated with an inflammatory state that mainly affects the nerves.

They exist in nature, particular molecules and active ingredients capable of reducing joint and muscle pain, let's see them together:


From the plant of Boswellia serrata you get one resin useful for functionality articulate and localized states of tension.

The resin of Boswellia , used in Ayurvedic medicine is used as a remedy against osteoarthritis , rheumatism , gout And psoriasis , thanks to the presence of boswellic acids that have anti-inflammatory properties .

Devil's claw

The Devil's Claw is a perennial herbaceous plant native to southern and eastern Africa .

The Devil's Claw contains some active that favor the joint function and the digestive function .

The virtues of this officinal tincture are to be traced back to his own active principles (harpagoside, harpagide and procumbide) which give it a remarkable activity anti-inflammatory And pain reliever , especially at the level of the osteoarticular system .

The iridoid glycosides, idolized by secondary roots of the harp , are responsible for the activity anti-inflammatory And analgesic .

It is extremely useful in cases of:

  • Rheumatism , arthrosis And muscle inflammation
  • Pain in the head , to the cervical , to sciatica And back pain
  • To support the well-being of joints
  • In case of digestive disorders , as thanks to its bittering power it increases the production of gastric juices, favoring the digestive function.

MSM Pro-active

MSM Pro-Active supports the joint mobility supporting the cartilages it's theirs metabolism.

What does it contain?
  • Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) that is the natural form of the organic sulfur . This element facilitates and supports the expulsion of toxins , this explains its ability to counteract chronic pain , often due to the accumulation of toxic substances in the joints and muscles.
  • Devil's Claw : with activity anti-inflammatory And analgesic
  • Turmeric : excellent adjuvant in counteracting the joint problems .

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