Parla l'esperto: gli alimenti detox Ecosalute

Talk the expert: detox foods

Dr. Anna Pastorino talks about the purification process and some foods that can contribute to its effectiveness.

After the holiday season, many feel heavy , exhausted and perhaps with a few extra pounds ; all this is due to a different diet, with more sugars and fats , which leads to an overload of work for our organs responsible for purification . This leads to an accumulation of toxins , waste in the body.

Toxins come not only from unhealthy food, but also from drug abuse, stress , smoking etc. And the more they accumulate, the more we can experience fatigue , digestive difficulties , weight gain , abdominal bloating associated with constipation and reduced ability to lose weight .

On the part of nutrition, there is no real diet capable of eliminating waste from our body, but there are food strategies capable of strengthening the natural mechanisms of our body to favor its elimination, here are some tips:

  • avoid the intake of sugars and processed foods
  • regularly take fruits and vegetables
  • prefer whole grains
  • consume oily fish , oilseeds and nuts rich in omega 3 and vitamin E
  • drink a lot of water 2-2.5 L per day

To help us drink more, infusions or decoctions with milk thistle , artichoke , pomegranate , nettle are useful; the extracts of these plants play a favoring action in the detoxification processes from environmental pollutants and harmful substances from the diet.

Purifying foods

Among the foods useful for a purification that starts from the table, certainly on the podium there are cabbage (broccoli, cabbage and savoy cabbage) for their draining and purifying action together with asparagus which have a " deflating effect on the body ".

Green beans are an excellent alternative: they are in fact a source of protein and fiber, which help promote gastric emptying.

Artichoke , together with fennel , are the main purification foods that can also combat swelling of the belly and stomach, in addition to this, fennel is useful in relieving pains related to irritable bowel syndrome.

Ginger, lemon, garlic and onion are also excellent allies in the purification process.

There are no "magic" foods that can satisfy all needs and problems. of each. Of fundamental importance remains a healthy and balanced lifestyle and the consumption of foods capable of facilitating, in this case, the purification process .

The purification path must not be seen as a path of renunciation and frustration but more than anything else a path to regain well-being and one's own balance .