DEPURATIVO RENI: 3 step della depurazione Ecosalute

KIDNEYS DEPURATIVE: 3 steps of purification

The kidneys are vital organs because they promote the expulsion of waste and help keep the blood clean and balanced , they can be defined as real natural filters, so it is essential to keep them in excellent condition and facilitate them in their work.

Where are?

The kidneys are two bean-shaped organs found in the back of the abdomen at the lumbar level .

Kidney pain occurs, therefore, at the height of the right or left side but also in the upper costo-lumbar region .

How to help them?

The Kidney Depurative is a medicinal compound of plant and herbs , in particular golden rod , urisine grapes, burdock, birch, pilosella and cherry that favor the drainage of body fluids and le functionality of the urinary tract.

The kidneys are part of both the urinary system than of that endocrine , in fact, in addition to the production of urine , have many other important functions: they regulate the volume of body fluids for the correct operation of the cardiovascular system ; they are responsible for balance acid-basic and the electrolytic one; expel the metabolic waste and the foreign substances ; they produce and secrete hormones .

The Kidney Depurative is useful in case of deep purification aimed at the well-being of the whole organism , also useful for preventing cystitis or problems with the urinary tract .


  • Goldenrod: promotes diuretic activity and functionality of the urinary tract . Useful for counteracting water retention .
  • Burdock: used for the hepatic and skin " drainage " activity.
  • Uva Ursina : its active principle arbutin determines its properties in the urine ; it is among the most suitable remedies for the urinary tract.
  • Birch, Pilosella, Cherry : help drainage and counteract water retention by facilitating the elimination of toxins , which are expelled through diuresis .

For a complete cycle of renal purification, take 40 drops in water between meals both in the morning and in the evening.

Small memo:

It is essential to hydrate in the right way: at least 2 liters a day, to facilitate the elimination of waste . Foods defined as " junk " such as carbonated drinks and alcohol will have to wait for a while and avoid sugar and caffeine as much as possible.

For a deep and complete purification, a package is available that contains the Clark Balanced Mix, the Liver Depurative and the Kidney Depurative.

Below is the table showing the methods of use: