DIETE DETOX: efficaci o attività di marketing? Ecosalute

DIET DETOX: effective or marketing activities?

Dr. Ghilardi is a nutrition biologist who talks to us about the false myths of detox diets and what is really behind them.

Given the widespread use of so-called " detox " diets , smoothies and centrifuged , ie detoxifying, it is good to clarify.

Let's start by saying that DETOX is not a scientifically proven diet , but a marketing strategy to induce people to buy products advertised as detoxifiers that allow them to regain their balance , energy and health. The point is that no one has ever understood what one really needs to detoxify from, if not generic "toxins". Anyone who relies on this dietary approach very often has no idea why they are doing it. We find this type of "diets" almost everywhere, of different types but with some common characteristics: they are rigid diets , low-calorie , generally liquid based on fresh fruit, vegetable and water juices, green tea or herbal teas.

Purify the body

" Purifying the body ": reading like this arouses positive emotions, but ... "If you have time and above all money to waste, why not try a detox diet?"

It is the provocation of a group of scholars who, in a guide available on Sense about Science (Making sense of Chemical Stories), dispel the false myths about some chemical processes and lifestyles , and who affirm that to detoxify the body rather than a diet of juices, fruits and vegetables, it is best to drink water and get some good sleep.

Excess, waste, harmful substances are naturally eliminated from the body. Primarily the cellular systems of cytochrome P450 present in the somatic cells , then the kidneys , then the liver with the hepatic conjugation systems, then the intestine , lungs (through sweating) are the organs responsible for carrying out this function.

However, there are some active ingredients that can help the body to expel waste substances, such as Burdock and Goldenrod which favor the drainage of liquids or the Fumitory which favors the activity of the liver, is the main organ in charge. to the elimination of waste.

Drinking or eating anything does not help detoxify the body . Drinking " detox " smoothies with fruits and vegetables certainly doesn't hurt, but you shouldn't expect any benefits in this regard .

Certainly following a diet that foresees the prevalent intake of fruit and vegetables during the day, leads to weight loss , given the low caloric intake , and to a massive intake of micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants ...). The weight loss that this type of diet offers is mainly due to the loss of fluids and, in the long run, to the loss of muscle mass.

In conclusion, it can be said that to keep the body healthy it is sufficient to follow small precautions such as doing sports , hydrating properly and having the right eating habits. Diets that are too restrictive do not bring any benefit, they can still be considered natural helpers to "clean up" the body.