For a week now we can say that summer has officially begun.

And you will think so what?

Well, so what is the characteristic element of summer?

The heat of course!

There are those who love him (and in my opinion he lies) and those who hate him. The heat also brings about a series of changes on a physiological level , let's say that it brings to the surface some ailments that during the winter or in any case with lower temperatures were not so annoying.

Tiredness, exhaustion, drops in blood pressure, sweat, and even swollen and heavy legs!

Do you know when at the end of the day you have two socks instead of your ankles and you need to stand with your legs up to relieve the pain?

I did because I suffered from it, my ankles were so swollen that I could no longer walk or put on any type of shoe.

I was really frustrated and I searched for a long time for remedies that would bring me relief... then a flash of genius!

In this article I will reveal them to you too, giving you some wellness advice, but first I would like to introduce myself and explain why this disorder knocks on your door with the arrival of summer !

I am Martina Stellittano , naturopathic herbalist and founder of essential remedy , a 360° wellness program. I deal with dissemination, training and support people to listen to their body and its signals through a healthier lifestyle, consciously integrating 100% natural remedies or strategies , tried first of all on my skin.

The heat, as I said a few lines ago, involves a series of changes in our body , such as vasodilation and the weakening of the valves that regulate the flow: the blood is unable to be pumped from the feet towards the heart and therefore stagnates, causing swelling and pain in the lower limbs .

Tips for swollen and heavy legs

So what can we do about it? Here are 5 tips that helped my legs become " light as feathers " again.

  • Drink enough , because hydration is essential to stimulate drainage;
  • Walk at least 30 minutes a day in the cooler hours , to reactivate circulation;
  • Alternate jets of hot water with those of cold water on the legs to stimulate the cardiovascular and lymphatic systems;
  • Sleep with your legs slightly raised by a cushion, to promote venous return during the night;
  • Last but not least...my "flash of genius": essential oils . The best ones for this problem are:
  • Lemon : toning, diuretic , stimulant of the circulatory system. Useful for combating heavy legs, edema, varicose veins and capillary fragility .
  • Orange : toning, relaxing muscles, diuretic, draining , acts on the lymphatic system, counteracting swelling and stagnation.
  • Eucalyptus , refreshing, draining , is a real relief for swollen and heavy feet, ankles and legs to reactivate circulation.

NB it is important not to use pure essential oils on the skin, because they are very concentrated and dangerous, so to use them safely, put a few drops of the suggested essential oils inside a carrier oil such as sweet almond oil, jojoba, argan, avocado and massage in a circular motion from the feet, through the ankles, legs and thighs.


I am curious to know the benefits you will obtain by following these tips and if you are subject to this type of disorder and circulation problems I recommend you have a chat with us in consultation so that we can recommend a wellness program targeted for your needs, with supplements, remedies and natural techniques!

I wish you to " travel lightly ",