Vanessa Parducci , naturopath specializing in iridology, Chinese medicine and holistic medicine for dogs, deals in depth with the vision of circulation in Chinese medicine, revealing tips and advice.

The first real heat has begun and with it, circulation problems in the legs return, especially in those predisposed to it.

The legs are our support, they support the weight of the body and allow us to move, move and proceed . Good circulation in the legs allows us to have good support on the ground , to feel firm, in balance, it makes us safer. This is an aspect of the physiological function that also reflects the most symbolic, invisible and profound one.

In fact, how many times have we heard ourselves say " You have to support yourself on your own legs "? Or “ You have to walk alone ” or “ I'm really on my knees ”?

But let's go step by step.

To better understand blood circulation and therefore the related problems, we need to start from the blood vessels.

The blood vessels

Blood vessels are classified by Chinese medicine among the so-called extraordinary viscera, this attribution is due to the fact that they contain blood , a precious substance in our organism. They are indirectly connected to the kidneys as the Jing (vital essence) of the kidney produces the marrow and this contributes to producing blood .

The blood vessels are under the control of the heart (the heart governs the blood and blood vessels), but they are also connected to the energy of the lung , which supports the free flow of Qi (energy) in the vessels.

To all intents and purposes they are the container of the blood and represent the "means" through which Qi and blood can circulate throughout the entire organism .

A real transport network thanks to which Qi and blood can reach the entire body up to the periphery , transporting the refined essences of foods , Qi and blood , thus allowing the nourishment of the tissues and the entire organism .

Stagnation of Qi and/or Blood is the disharmony that most affects the blood vessels , it represents a slowing down and weakening of the flow and can lead to stasis (blockage), which is the most serious condition.

In the same way, the cold also easily affects the blood vessels causing stasis, a real blockage of circulation .

Causes of stagnation

The causes of stagnation/stasis can be acute or chronic , internal (linked to functionality) or external (linked to external pathogens), which is why it is good to encourage the free circulation of Qi and Blood within the Vessels .

In our daily lives, the best choices to naturally encourage this free circulation are related to nutrition , lifestyle (which includes stress reduction), movement and moderate but regular physical activity . Venous stasis is a frequent problem in people of a certain age, or who are sedentary , but sometimes this tendency is also noticed at a young age, it often manifests itself in a widespread and general way, but sometimes it could be localized in specific points .

Imagining the body as a map where each point is connected to others, as the meridians of Chinese medicine and reflexology make us understand, in the case of poor venous circulation we could also investigate a collateral cause perhaps linked to some specific organ in stasis . We thus have the possibility of giving a targeted meaning and intervening in an equally specific way with remedies that treat both the localized drop in energy and the part reflected in that point .

From a psychosomatic point of view

Having closed this parenthesis, if we address this trend in a general way we have a fairly clear picture that requires a type of support that aims to tone the venous walls that tend to sag . If we look at it from a psychosomatic point of view , we can say that stasis corresponds to a drop in energy and vitality . Here we are not just talking about liquids or tired muscles, but about blood vessels that bring blood back. Anyone who has weakness in the lower limbs is generally a person who suffers from a sense of inadequacy, does not feel up to par , generally devalues ​​himself, these are often people who, precisely because of this low self-esteem, become dependent on others: they seek out themselves a support that should instead be within them.

Blood represents life but can often mean the blood of one's own blood, that is, one 's ancestors and one's descendants . In short, there could be a heaviness or disharmony in the relationship with one's family, there is no adequate return compared to what has been spent , one does not feel recognised, or one feels a little irritated and fed up, or relaxed and resigned to these circumstances which make us immobile and rigid until the vase gives up its elasticity and structure, until the return compensation becomes insufficient. If there is stasis, the antidote is energy , so there are practices that move energy , such as simply walking, or the right Yoga, Tai Chi or Qi gong exercises which can, in addition to mobilizing, also help to eliminate any energy blockages .

Even practicing light brushing , or getting into the habit of subjecting yourself to jets of cold water are actions that can improve venous stasis, if done consistently.

  • In the specific case of varicose veins it is good to sleep with your feet slightly higher to improve the flow of blood to the heart.
  • If you do static work while standing, it is a good idea to get into the habit of often standing on tiptoes to facilitate blood flow.
  • Walking in the water, swimming or cycling are highly recommended. For more serious problems it is useful to use appropriate elastic stockings, while it is inappropriate to use tight clothing.

Circulatory problems can also occur in those who, always to escape from a sense of devaluation , become extremely demanding of themselves , burden themselves with responsibilities that are not theirs, always try to be perfect so as not to incur negative judgments or comparisons .

Also in this case you can have circulatory problems due to " excess weight ", due to the rigidity that is reflected in the body, starting from the heart, which is not listened to.

Friendly foods

If these are minor problems they can be kept at bay with antioxidant foods , particularly rich in vitamin C are blueberries, red beetroot, red grapes, red onion, capers, celery, grapes, wine red. Oily fruits such as almonds and walnuts and cereals such as spelled are rich in vitamin E.

Expert advice

A fruit that we have available today that is rich in both vitamin E and vitamin is the avocado. It is important to dedicate time to movement especially if you have a sedentary job. Why not get up a little earlier and get moving? Activate your metabolism and improve circulation . The sunrise and the freshness of the air in the early morning hours are so beautiful! Don't forget to drink, as the loss of fluids in summer makes veno-lymphatic return more difficult. I advise you to combine these practices with a series of specific Ecohealth remedies for circulation: - Weight Dren - Healthy legs - Nitrocs - D – ribose - Natural Vit C - Magnesium Vitality B - Vita Quore Q10

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