“The body shouts what the mouth is silent…

Illness is a conflict between the personality and the soul.

The disease is not bad,

warns you that you are going the wrong way"

Alejandro Yodorowsky


What is Metamedicine?

The term Metamedicine is formed from the Greek prefix meta which means "beyond" and the noun "medicine " which means "the set of means implemented to prevent and alleviate diseases"

We deduce that it is therefore a discipline that goes beyond the simple manifestation of pain or symptoms , but rather focuses on the search for the triggering factor.

Pain or discomfort are precursor signs of an imbalance, of a departure from the state of homeostasis that every individual should have or tend to have, of a disharmony of the organism both in organic and energetic terms.

Thinking of silencing these signals without interpreting their "meaning" is like turning off the smoke alarm after it has detected a fire. By ignoring the alarm you risk finding yourself in the middle of the flames, comparable to those who take medicines without looking to understand what the origin of the symptom is.

This does not imply that it is necessary to refuse the medicine that can provide relief, it rather means not simply wanting to erase the pain or make the symptoms disappear but rather having the will to make what caused them disappear.

Metamedicine helps to reconstruct the history of an illness , disorder or ailment , going back as far as possible to its first appearance. To do this, a fundamental tool is needed: anamnesis.

It is the most delicate phase of a consultation, requiring more time than more general interviews, an interaction made of empathy and listening , which is established between the operator and the client.

We proceed by taking into consideration the most significant moments of the person's life, without neglecting the emotional aspects, the experiences that have left their mark, family pathologies, lifestyle and last but not least, eating style.