The shower gel with currant and tea leaves is rich in polyphenols which give it energizing , anti-radical and toning properties. Thanks to the properties of the delicate surfactants of vegetable origin, it creates a foam with a sweet scent of Mango and Papaya that envelops the skin leaving it supple and silky . In addition, Aloe has a moisturizing and soothing action at the same time. Suitable for daily cleansing of the body even in the case of delicate and sensitive skin.


  • Aloe barbadensis: the juice extracted from this plant boasts effective emollient, healing , astringent and soothing properties; it is therefore perfect in case of inflamed , irritated and sensitive skin as it facilitates its resolution.
  • Currant Extract: obtained from the fruits of Black Currant , it is an extract rich in Vitamin C which, together with the high content of flavonoids , strengthens its antioxidant capacity.
  • Tea Leaves: green tea extract comes from the leaves and buds of Camelia sinensis . Made up mainly of polyphenols , responsible for the strong antioxidant property of the phytocomplex which results in a protective and anti-free radical action. The presence of theophiline , on the other hand, favors the drainage of excess liquids , while the presence of tannins has skin- purifying and astringent properties, useful in the treatment of oily and impure skin.

The use of a moisturizing body wash allows you to maintain the correct level of hydration of the skin without drying it excessively.

The doses are also fundamental: abundant quantities of product can cool the skin, a walnut of shower gel will be enough to benefit from all its properties without wasting the product.

The application can be facilitated by the use of a sponge which will perform a mechanical exfoliating action, eliminating dead cells.

At the end of the cleansing phase , to re-moisturize the skin, apply the Avocado-based Body Cream .

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