Swollen legs , especially in summer, are a very common and particularly annoying condition.

Combination of cosmetics and massages can relieve swelling and discomfort caused by a build-up of liquids that are deposited on the ankles , knees and hips .

Right products

To activate the microcirculation , a body Scurb should be performed once a week to eliminate dead cells and facilitate the drainage of liquids .

Apply the Anti- Fatigue Cream , the cold effect given by the presence of Centella will give immediate relief and the legs will be as light as a feather.

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Epsom salts

To facilitate the elimination of excess fluids, Epsom salts can be for you!

It is Magnesium Sulphate which carries out a detoxifying action of the intestine and liver, it is therefore useful for purifying the body and for eliminating skin imperfections .

It can be taken through tablets or loose powder , in this case it can be used as a scrub or to carry out DIY foot baths or draining bandages.

Read how to do them

Do it yourself massages

Surely relying on experts in the sector is quite another thing, but in the days when time is scarce and the wallet screams, a nice DIY massage can be a very valid alternative.

The groin is the nerve center of the lymphatic network , so when massaging the legs you must always proceed from the bottom up towards the groin .

1st Step: Ankles

To reduce the swelling of the ankles concentrated in correspondence with the Achilles heel, essential for the stimulation of the lymphatic vessels.

Apply pressure on the skin always continuing upwards, in order to act on the stagnation of liquids. Carry out 3 pressures and with your hands follow the line of the Achilles tendon.

To reduce swelling also make footbaths with Epsom salts

2nd Step: Calf

Keeping the fingers hooked apply pressure to the center of the calf going towards the knee, the movements must always proceed upwards and outwards .

Imagine, every time you perform a massage to move liquids , the movements must therefore be fluid and deep, do not stop during the movement. Always listen to pains and sensations.

3rd Step: Knee

With the thumbs press towards the patella alternating the right with the left, we speak of a real detachment.

4th Step: Thighs

Always proceed in the direction of the linguine . Wrap the thigh with both hands as if it were a bracelet and proceed towards the other, repeat about 3 times.

Then apply the " kneading " procedure then press and release just as if you were kneading the muscle

5th Step: inner thighs

The pinching area: make small pinches with your index finger and thumb quickly and gently, to sprint the liquids and direct them towards the groin.

And finally, apply the body cream that's right for you:

  • Moisturizing Cream : for extra hydration with Avocado and Hyaluronic Acid
  • Cellulite blemishes cream : to reduce blemishes thanks to the hot effect given by the presence of chilli
  • Anti-fatigue cream : to give relief and reduce swelling and heaviness thanks to the cold effect.