STANCHEZZA FISICA e MENTALE: Scegli il Ginkgo e la Spirulina Ecosalute

PHYSICAL and MENTAL TIREDNESS: Choose Ginkgo and Spirulina

As temperatures begin to rise, along with the hated humidity, body and mind suffer.

Exhaustion and apathy loom like the black cloud of Fantozzi and end up exhausting the energy and vitality .

How to do?

Let's start with physical fatigue: try Spirulina Algae

Spirulina Algae is a unicellular algae defined as the food of the future during the UN World Food Conference.

What characterizes this green-blue microalgae that reproduces thanks to photosynthesis is in fact its extraordinary richness in proteins , vitamins , mineral salts , essential fatty acids and antioxidants : it contains 50-70% of highly vegetable proteins. assimilable, including all 8 essential amino acids.

It is recognized as a real natural tonic , recommended during stressful periods, in case of intense psycho-physical workloads or during seasonal changes, when there is the risk of weakening the body and making it more sensitive to ailments . seasonal , cold and fatigue .

Try it in combination with Vitamin C

for a recharge of Energy

Tired mind? Choose Ginkgo

Ginkgo is often used as an ornamental species in parks and gardens, few know that the leaves of this millenary tree contain substances that improve cognitive functions .

This plant with bilobed leaves , hence the name, is native to China and is also called the fan tree . Abundantly studied in medicine, its leaves contain a set of active ingredients mostly belonging to the family of triterpenes and flavonoids .

It has an antioxidant action and is considered an important remedy to improve congitive functions and memory .

Furthermore, the studies conducted on this plant have as their object its ability to support cognitive functions , even in the case of deficits related to aging or degenerative diseases .

Research conducted by the University of Texas has shown that Ginkgo biloba is able to increase memory , counteracting cognitive impairment .

Ginkgo promotes blood fluidity (it has an antiplatelet action) and in this way improves the blood supply of the tissues and their oxygenation, counteracting venous insufficiency .

Reactivate the mind together with the Plurimo