PACCHETTO HYDRA H24: per una pelle protetta e rimpolpata Ecosalute

HYDRA H24 PACKAGE: for a protected and plumped skin

Every year it becomes more and more difficult to find a special gift to give to the dearest person we have ... mum .

So we think and rethink and we always end up giving a bouquet of flowers or a jewel.

This year choose the Hydra H24 Box to make her feel special and give her the right attention .

What makes this box special?

The Hydra H24 box was designed for a moment of pure relaxation to be granted to skin of the face. A blend of active dedicated to night rest to promote cell renewal it's a blend dedicated to day to protect the facial skin .

The HYDRA H24 box contains:

There Moisturizing face cream is formulated with Pomegranate And Emblica , both help to hydrate And to feed the skin up to deeper layers .

A nut of product after cleansing in the morning, help create a movie protective against thermal changes , UV rays , smog And dust for a more skin bright it's a homogenous complexion .

There Pomegranate Antiage Cream , on the other hand, is enriched with Hyaluronic Acid , Red seaweed And Almond oil for extra hydration during sleep.

In fact, the cell renewal takes place during night hours , when the skin is less stressed and subject to stimuli of different nature. The skin barriers I am less active and this causes the skin absorb the active ingredients better. During the rest , the microcirculation of the area increases and the dead cells they are replaced by the new ones.

There Antiage Cream , has been specially formulated to go to nourish , reduce wrinkles And prevent skin aging thanks to the active ingredients inside it, which act more effectively at night.

Personalize and make your order special

If you want, we will send your gift directly to your mom with the personalized card . Just enter the thought you want to dedicate to them in the notes of your order or write us on whatsapp , we'll take care of the rest :)

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