Facial gymnastics is little known but extremely useful for the well-being of the skin and facial tissues , which are put under daily stress .

Facial massage, in fact, prevents skin aging , improves microcirculation, tissue oxygenation and strengthens the facial muscles .

It is recommended in the morning and in the evening to make the area more elastic and therefore to reduce and prevent expression lines and signs of aging .

An aspect that should not be underestimated is that even the mood improves: during the massage, in fact, you take care of yourself , pampering yourself and dedicating a few minutes only and exclusively for yourself.

The massage, for a better action, can be associated with the application of the face moisturizing cream or pomegranate anti-aging cream .

Main benefits:

  • Stimulation of the lymphatic system
  • Profile definition
  • Reduction of bags and dark circles
  • Improve microcirculation
  • Distinguish and relax the tissues

How to proceed:

  • Start by dedicating yourself to the neck

Find a quiet place away from distractions . Relax your shoulders and take a few deep breaths, inhale and exhale ... now you are ready to begin.

Start massaging the neck with the palms of the hand: in the lateral part follow a diagonal trend (therefore in the direction of the jaw) while in the central part towards the chin, caress and stretch the area.

  • Climb towards the chin and cheekbones

Place the thumbs on the chin and open the hand in a fan shape , follow the jaws up to the ears by applying light pressure.

Always proceed from the central area outwards (towards the ears), massaging with slow circular movements and applying medium pressure with the fingertips.

On the sides of the mouth, proceed making circles until you reach the nose

  • Switch to the forehead

Also for the forehead, proceed from the center towards the temples , using the index and middle fingers always with circular movements .

  • Temples

When reaching the temples always use your index and middle fingers and draw an 8 by applying light pressure . Trying to stretch the skin upwards.

  • Eyelash arch

Start from the innermost area of ​​the eyebrows and relax by lifting the eyebrows towards the temples.

  • Dab bags and dark circles

To facilitate the drainage of liquids in the area of ​​dark circles, tap your fingers on the eye area with very light pressure.

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