Never before in this rather delicate moment is it useful to talk about immune defenses, to be aware of how to increase them and make our body stronger and able to fight viruses and ailments . We often talk about strengthening and strengthening the immune system , as if it were a real barrier that defends our body from external threats.

It is easy to realize that you have "low immune defenses": weakness, cold sores, canker sores, brittle hair, fatigue, white tongue, frequent infections, are all alarm bells.

How to defend ourselves and protect our body in a preventive manner?

  1. Good sleep : sleeping well is essential because the body has time to regenerate and recover the energy spent during the day during sleep. In addition, it re-processes the proteins introduced with the diet to produce the glycoproteins that will fight any pathogens. Those who do not get enough sleep are therefore more prone to infections. This is one of the reasons why stress (which often affects sleep quality) weakens the immune system.
  2. Eat large portions of fruit and vegetables (citrus fruits, carrots, garlic, etc.) which promote the natural immune defenses and allow you to maintain good levels of vitamins, minerals and trace elements essential for the proper functioning of the immune system. Among them the most important are vitamin C ,vitamin D , magnesium and zinc .
  3. Avoid cigarette smoke which damages macrophages which are among our first defenses against infections, making them lose the ability to kill bacteria. Also avoid the abuse of antibiotics which should never be the first remedies for a cold or flu, because they weaken the body even more. Instead, it is useful to maintain a good bacterial flora by introducing prebiotics and probiotics with the diet and with supplements in case of debilitating pathologies or therapies.
  4. Playing sports in a balanced way and without excess helps to have an efficient immune system, for example by helping to maintain a correct body weight, to regulate heart pressure and to reduce the effects of stress.
  5. Never forget to wash your hands often , as well as before meals, on any occasion it is necessary: ​​contact with public places, people, etc., supermarkets. Shopping carts and technological devices are the greatest source of bacteria and germs, disinfecting them from time to time wouldn't be bad either!

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