The Christmas holidays have come to an end but winter afternoons and weekends can still be very long. We spend a lot of time at home, partly because of the cold, and ideas for entertaining the little ones are starting to run out.

In these cases it is possible to opt for games that stimulate the learning and intellectual functions of children. And what better way to entertain your children with a nice Memory game?

Useful for training the mind and perfect for family fun .

In businesses there are many, but you can also make one with your own hands, with the help of children.

It will be enough to have a series of images of animals, flowers, fruit, vegetables, landscapes or cartoon characters (2 copies of each subject) to create a deck of 24 to 72 cards, depending on the age of the children.


Sheets of paper, pictures, cardstock, glue sticks, paints, scissors, clear tape, shoebox, wrapping paper, or decorative tape


- Search, print and crop images

- Color the pictures with the help of the children if they are black and white

- Paste the images on the card

- Cut out the pairs of images

- Once glued, make a special container with a shoebox or box of chocolates, to contain the cards and transport them without losing them.

- Line the box with decorative tape or colored wrapping paper, according to your taste

The rules of the game?

Just arrange the cards face down on the table. The object of the game is to match the images trying not to make mistakes, and to take advantage of the opponent's mistakes by trying to remember the exact position of the images.

The winner is the one who, at the end of the game, has accumulated the most pairs.

Here is a small selection of images to start with - now it's up to you to expand it .

Good fun!

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